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  1. Mpumelelo von Mumhanzi

    Sound Engineering Boxtone Explained

    Boxtone it's sound engineering jargon that describes how some but not all analog gear or digital audio software plug-ins (e.g. equalizers, dynamic range compressors, and master buss processors) will add fairy dust by altering the program material in a pleasurable way (i.e. also referred to as...
  2. C

    Question Some Parametric Equalizers Have Frequencies Above 20 kHz Why?

    What is the purpose of audio mastering parametric equalizers having frequency options over 20 kHz? In reality, most humans can only discern sound in the 20 Hz-20 kHz range.
  3. Tafadzwa Twabam

    Question Dual-Mono Stereo Unlinked Limiting and Stereo Wideners?

    Is fully dual-mono unlinked limiting better than using stereo enhancers to achieve a fairly wide sound?
  4. C

    Question Ghost Audio Mixing or Mastering?

    Obviously, everybody and their mama know very well that in the music business there is a practice of singers and rappers using ghostwriters and also record producers who go about utilizing the services offered by some ghost producers. My question is: how prevalent is ghost audio mixing or...
  5. C

    Question How Do Songwriters and Music Producers Maintain Longevity?

    What are the key factors in maintaining longevity for most successful songwriters and music producers? Is there any secret sauce?
  6. C

    Question Should You Self-Master Your Own Mixes?

    Is there anything wrong with the idea of self-mastering your own mixes or music? Usually, most people, in general, suggest that an extra pair of ears is always necessary. Y'all agree with that?
  7. T

    Question Are DAWs and Plug-in Bundle Subscriptions Part of WEF Great Reset?

    The whole SaaS or subscription-based business model being adopted by numerous professional audio software developers (e.g. iZotope, Inc., Waves Audio Ltd., etc) and digital audio workstation developers (e.g. Avid Technology, Inc. Pro Tools, Reason Studios, etc). Do y'all think Klaus Martin...
  8. T

    Question What's an Octave on FabFilter Software Instruments Pro-Q?

    The title says it all. I am wondering what's the quality factor (bandwidth) to set FabFilter Pro-Q to one octave? Is that 1.414 like what most people suggest on YouTube?
  9. H

    Question Fixed EQ Bands?

    If you were to select center frequencies for an Equalizer with fixed bands what would they be?
  10. T

    Question Mixing or Mastering with Fibonacci Percentages?

    Does the idea of mixing with Fibonacci percentages sound like a good idea?
  11. T

    Question What's the Best "Q" Setting for Audio Mastering?

    Perhaps my question is kinda broad but in most given situations what would y'all recommend as an ideal quality factor (or bandwidth) for audio mastering?
  12. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Audio Takura - "From Time To Time"

    This infectious melodious jam titled "From Time To Time" produced by Heaven Boy Music is Takura's latest offering to his fans which he released recently, notwithstanding a bogus story that was made against him by a blog called Zimmagazine where he was allegedly said to have been in love with...
  13. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    General Crooger - "Koncrete Jango" (Album)

    A new studio album Koncrete Jango with a total of 19 tracks by Zim Ip Ap rapper Crooger has just arrived and you can now find it on all the major digital myuuzik streaming platforms. This new cohesive effort by Crooger features other Zim artists, namely: Poptain, Kikky Badass, Asaph, and many...
  14. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Audio Celscius - "Refix Replica" (EP Album)

    Muimbi wemusambo weZimdaansaal myuuzik Celscius Wayne ane dambapfupi rake ritsva rinonzi Refix Replica rakabva kubuda manje-manje so. Dambapfupi iri Refix Replica rinowanikwa on dijital myuuzik streaming platforms senge Spotify, Apuro myuuzik and etc. Zvisinei, avo vanhu vanenge vachida...
  15. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    General Ruvimbo Karimazondo Go Riliis Fi Shi hExtenid-Plei Albom "R" For Frideh

    Singa ahn sangraita Rue (wey gobament niem na Ruvimbo Karimazondo) shi dey ready tu riliis fi shi nyuu hextenid-plei albom R, for Frideh dis wik. R go fiicha aatis laik Asaph, Aytee, ahn Chiweddar uu projuus aal a di chraakdem deh. Nau mi go rait di ress a di chraakliss dong fi yu: Chraak...
  16. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    General Sean "Diddy" Combs Pays Tribute To Black Rob

    Hip Hop myuuzik mogul and businessman Sean "Diddy" Combs paid tribute to Black Rob (Robert Ross) a rap artist who was once signed to his Bad Boy Entertainment record label. Black Rob who is popularly known for his hit single "Whoa!," from his debut album Life Story passed away at the age of 52...
  17. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    General Holy Ten Go Riliis A Nyuu Ip Ap Styuujo Albom "Risky Life" Soon-Soon

    Holy Ten dey wan a di biges op-ahn-komiin aatis for Zimbabue rait nau. E go jrap im latest Ip Ap myuuzik ablom "Risky Life" soon-soon wey guh fiicha Zimdaansaal aatis Dhadza D for di chraak "Time," ahn aalsuh Anita Jaxson for di lass chraak wid di taikl "Appetite." Di chraakliss a Holy Ten's...
  18. Numero Uno

    Question What Happened To Next Oan Briss Mbada?

    Is di next oan Briss Mbada still rapping or e dun hang op im mic ina di Zim Ip Ap myuuzik giem?
  19. Tafadzwa Twabam

    Audio Allanah - "Haikwane"

    Opkomin Zim myuuzik aatis Allanah (Tiny Machivenyika) shi dun riliis a nyuu singl "Haikwane" weh shi sings boht hau shi niid an oan wey ab nof moni fi tek care af har. Bikos uu doesn't laik nais tings for dis worl -- ebribadi does, yu nuo.
  20. Tafadzwa Twabam

    Question Wetin Styuujo Moniitadem Deejie Tamuka Makuluni Yuus?

    Heniwan nuo wah styuujo moniitadem DJ Tamuka yuus fi mek myuuzik?