desmond chideme

  1. Stunner's nyuu babe Mazekeen Jade dey happy shi did mek im jrap for lob wit her

    Stunner's nyuu babe Mazekeen Jade dey happy shi did mek im jrap for lob wit her

    Afta e bruk op wit Dyonne Tanaka, Stunner gat imself a nyuu babe we dey go bai di nem Mazekeen Jade for sosho media.
  2. Tafadzwa Twabam

    How old was Dyonne Tafirenyika when she started dating Stunner?

    Was Dyonne Tafirenyika already 18 years old when she started dating Stunner (Desmond Chideme)? I am asking this because some Zimbos have been saying she was allegedly groomed, by the way, and for interest's sake their age difference is 18 years because next oan Desmond was born in 1980 whilst...
  3. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    MaShark, is the fandom name of Zim Hip Hop artist Stunner (Desmond Chideme). Stunner often mentions Mashark and vVvtt (Vapfana Vechidiki Vanetwunu Twavo) in his songs either as part of his lead vocals or adlibs (background vocals). You can always support and show love to Stunner's music and...
  4. Scorpio

    Wenyu Olinda Chapel achemedza varume

    Rudo ibofu asi kana wada nezva Olinda Chapel wotoshinga dzisimbe.
  5. Numero Uno

    Rudo RwaStunner naDyonne Tafirenyika Rwatapira Hameno Kuma Next Door

    Muimbi weZim Hip Hop music uyu anonzi Stunner arikuratidza kufara zvikurusa nemudzimai wake Dyonne Tafirenyika pa side. Hameno kunevanoziva kuti kuma next door eku Hukeyi zvakamira sei mazuva ano! Zvisinei hazvo, mucheni mukuru we "smart-all-the-time" Mudiwa Hood asimbisawo rudo rwaStunner...
  6. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    vVvtt Definition: vapfana vechidiki vane twunhu twavo. In the English language, this translates to: "young people who are doing well for themselves." Note: this quote was popularized by Zim Hip Hop recording artist Stunner (Desmond Chideme), and he also has clothing merchandise that is based...
  7. Bla Jedza

    Stunner has something to say about the competition of "chimuti" in Zimbabwe

    Zim hip-hop rapper Stunner (Desmond Chideme) felt he should enlighten the Zimbaz about what it really means to have chimuti since the novel idea of chimuti has been misconstrued by many individuals on social media. Stunner wrote:
  8. Lenard

    video Stunner - "Sunungura Marasta" featuring Ba Shupi (Myuuzik Vidyo)

    Zim hip-hop recording artist Stunner (Desmond Chideme) collaborated with Ba Shupi (Peace Ndlovu) on his latest tune Sunungura Marasta" and they have released an official music video which you can watch below.
  9. Lenard

    video Stunner - Zvirongwa (Myuuzik Vidyo)

    Stunner Da Des has just released Zvirongwa a Zim Hip Hop song that pays homage to the ghetto life in Zimbabwe.
  10. Lenard

    Team Bhoo Boss - "Grind" featuring GZE and Stunner

    Watch the official lyric video for "Grind" by Zim hip-hop recording artists Team Bhoo Boss featuring GZE and Stunner da Des. This track "Grind" was produced by No Limits Entertainment (Jamal and Leekay).
  11. Lenard

    general Zim Hip Hop Artist Stunner Announced "Ghetto Chronicles" New Album

    Desmond Chideme otherwise popularly known by his Zim Hip Hop stage name Stunner is currently prepping up to release "Ghetto Chronicles" a new studio album under his record label Tazzoita Cash Records.
  12. Lenard

    Olinda Chapel denies Tytan is a gold digger

    Olinda Chapel posted a series of IG stories in response to numerous social media opinions about Tytan, her beloved third husband being nothing but a scheming gold-digger who is after her material possessions.
  13. Lenard

    makuhwa Stunner responds to Olinda Nyaradzo Chapel about his clothing

    Zim Hip Hop recording artist Stunner (Desmond Chideme) responded to Olinda Chapel when he was asked by Zim celebs about how he felt when Olinda Chapel posted on Facebook about him and Dyonne Tafirenyika having a habit of wearing fake designer clothes.
  14. Numero Uno

    makuhwa Stunner and Zim Celebs Talking About Mai Titi and Madam Boss

    Stunner was live on Instagram talking with one of Zim Celebs persons and the subject on hand was about Mai Titi and Madam Boss beef. Stunner said the disagreement between Madam Boss and Mai Titi is very stupid and these grown women should act like adults instead of throwing tantrums on social...
  15. Lenard

    audio Stunner - "Muroyi Wehama" feat. Natasha Muz

    Listen to the official audio for "Muroyi Wehama" by Zim Hip Hop recording artist Stunner featuring Natasha Muz.
  16. Lenard

    Olinda Chapel subliminal diss to Stunner and Dyonne

    Olinda Chapel wrote on her Facebook wall what has been interpreted by many Zimbos as a subliminal diss towards Zim hip-hop musician Stunner (Desmond Chideme) and his baby mama Dyonne Tafirenyika for wearing fugazi clothes.
  17. Lenard

    general Stunner's commentary on Ammara Brown's song "Svoto"

    Zim hip-hop rapper Stunner seems to have shared a subliminal message in regards to Ammara Brown's latest music video "Svoto" which features Mr. Eazi and he somewhat didn't find the song to be very amusing.
  18. Lenard

    Events Stunner and Kinnah to perform live at Club Empire

    Zimdancehall artiste Kinnah (Maligakini Saizi) and Zim Hip Hop rapper Stunner (Desmond Chideme) will be performing live at Club Empire located in Mzimba Shopping Centre, Chinhoyi on the 3rd of November at 8 pm. This event will also feature supporting performances from General Card and Sir Fox.
  19. Lenard

    Stunner - "Maindiitisa" (Myuuzik Vidyo)

    Check out new Zim hip-hop myuuzik "Maindiitisa" performed by Stunner (Desmond Chideme) and produced by Jamal (Brian Chimuka).
  20. Lenard

    audio Crooger - "Joy" feat. Stunner

    Check out "Joy" by Zim artist Crooger feat. Stunner da Des. This track was produced by Jamal (Brian Chimuka) and Leekay and is featured on Crooger's "Shumba Inoruma" long play myuuzik project.