1. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Hana Vu - "22"

    LA-based indie rock musician Hana Vu has shared "22" as the latest record single from her upcoming studio album, Romanticism. This also marks the third record single she's shared, following "Care" and "Hammer." Her new full-length project drops on May 3rd via Ghostly International, so "22" is a...
  2. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Canguru drops "West Goes The Sun"

    Canguru known for his collaborations with Hayla, Sarah de Warren, as well as session legend Herbie Flowers, releases a new record single, "West Goes The Sun." This track it's a fresh listen that shows off Canguru's creativity. The song blends different musical influences and was produced by...
  3. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Pearl Jam - "Wreckage"

    U.S. rock music band Pearl Jam is back with another new song, "Wreckage," which takes a different approach compared to their recent releases but remains equally intriguing.
  4. Logic - "44ever" (Ofishal Vidio)

    Logic - "44ever" (Ofishal Vidio)

    Hip-hop artist Logic has released his new track "44ever."
  5. MINZ, 255 - "shadow" (Ofishal Vidio)

    MINZ, 255 - "shadow" (Ofishal Vidio)

    Minz, the singer-songwriter, has released a new music video for his track "shadow," featuring three musician brothers from Germany, 255.
  6. Ckay - "Wahala" featuring Olamide

    Ckay - "Wahala" featuring Olamide

    Ckay's new song, "Wahala," features Olamide. It's about a strong feeling of being drawn to someone. BMH and Moonesawmy Devadasen produced the track.
  7. SaintFloew - "Silas Mavende"

    SaintFloew - "Silas Mavende"

    Catch the vibe of "Silas Mavende" by SaintFloew—it's a record single that's rewriting the rulebook on what's hot in the Zim hip-hop music industry
  8. Tanonoka

    Lupe Fiasco - "Indio"

    "Indio" by Lupe Fiasco isn't just a hip-hop song, it's an experience. Click the play button and let the music take over.
  9. Tanonoka

    Ciza, Maglera Doe Boy - "FREE ME" featuring Elizee

    Don't miss out on "FREE Me", a brand-new single from Mzansi musicians Ciza and Maglera Doe Boy also with a guest feature from Elizee.
  10. Tanonoka

    Dannic - "The Reason" featuring DYSON

    Hear the catchy sound of "The Reason", a track by Dutch DJ and EDM producer Dannic. "The Reason", also features a vocal performance by the English singer and songwriter DYSON. Press play and let the rhythm take over.
  11. Tanonoka

    Oriyano - "Kupenga Wakapenga" (Ofishal Vidio)

    Listen to "Kupenga Wakapenga" by Oriyano. Your ears will thank you (or maybe fear you).
  12. Enock Guni's brother Tyfah Guni

    Enock Guni's brother Tyfah Guni

    That's Nox's brother Tyfah Guni i.e., musical artist and record producer.
  13. Tanonoka

    Nox - "Game Over" (Ofishal Vidio)

    Tap into the energy of "Game Over" performed by Nox and produced by his brother Tyfah Guni. Lead guitars on this track were brought to life by none other than Itso Chimombe—dual wielding as the lead guitarist and managerial mastermind behind Ice n Roses Band. Also Joining him is the gifted...
  14. Tanonoka

    tha bees - "Mberevere" featuring Shaqu

    Jam out to "Mberevere" by Zim hip-hop artist tha bees featuring Shaqu.
  15. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Jharis Yokley - "Megaman"

    U.S. drummer and producer Jharis Yokley is dropping his first studio album in May, titled Sometimes, Late At Night (2024). So far, he's already given us a taste of two tracks from the album. First up, he released "Move On," a song that really taps into the emotional vibe of the record while...
  16. Tanonoka

    Poptain, Legend Killer, Major Terro - "Chovha Joji"

    Poptain, Legend Killer, Major Terro brought their A-game with a sizzling new song "Chovha Joji." "Chovha Joji" info Recording artists Record producer Ameen Jaleel Yaseen Major Terro Legend Killer Major Terro
  17. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Tinashe - "Nasty" (Vidyo)

    In September of last year, Tinashe released another studio album, BB/ANGEL (2023). While staying close to the rhythm and blues, and pop sounds she's been exploring since the beginning of the last decade, the album marked a greater embrace of electronic production. This resulted in songs like...
  18. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Marques Houston - "Admit It"

    Two years after his last studio album release Me (2022), the acclaimed rhythm and blues crooner Marques Houston has made a highly anticipated comeback. In late January, Houston dropped his record single, "Admit It," marking the first taste of music from his forthcoming project, "The Best Worst...
  19. Tanonoka

    Mizdee - "That Thang"

    Feeling the beat? Check out "That Thang" by Mizdee (Lucia Danai Murowe).
  20. B

    EA has no plans to release a new Dead Space video game just yet

    Electronic Arts, or EA, has no plans to release a new Dead Space video game just yet. Earlier this week, there was a rumor that development on a Dead Space 2 remake had been put on hold. However, EA claims that the supposed development never took place.