1. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means: "what" Example sentences Similar words: wa wara (also spelt as "warra" or "wharrah") Other phrases containing wah En JC So what? Suh wah? Say what? Seh wah? Now what? Nou wah? You-know-what Yuh-nuo-wah?
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    means: "thing" In plural form, it's "tingdem" or "tingz" (or "tingx" if you wanna be stylish with it sweetheart). Example sentences Other phrases containing ting En JC The real thing Di riil ting Pretty young thing Priti yong ting The next big thing Di nex big ting A close-run...
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    means: " boy" (also splet as bwoy) Example sentences Other phrases containing bwai En JC Bad boy Bad bwai Old boy Uol bwai Fly boy Flai bwai Frat boy Frat bwai Boy band Bwai ban Head boy Ed bwai Cover boy Kova bwai Little boy Likkle bwai Small boy Sumaal bwai
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    means: "deets" (i.e., details) Example sentences
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    means: "girl" or "chick" Example sentences Other phrases containing gyal En JC Ball girl Baal gyal Call girl Kaal gyal Cam girl Kam gyal Old girl Uol gyal Girl band Gyal ban Head girl Ed gyal Young girl Yong gyal Cover girl Kova gyal Flower girl Flowa gyal House...
  6. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means: "creep" Example sentences Other phrases containing kriip En JC Creep in Kriip iin Creep out Kriip out Creep in something Kriip iin sopm Creep up on somebody Kriip op aan smadi
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    1: "we" 2: "us" 3: "our" 4: will (or will be) Example sentences
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    means: "soft" Example sentences Other phrases containing saaf En JC Soft top Saaf tap Soft key Saaf kii Soft drug Saaf jrog Soft drink Saaf jrink Soft core Saaf kuo Soft play Saaf plie Soft porn Saaf paan Soft goods Saaf guddem
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    means: "old" Example phrases
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    means: "from" Similar words: frahn fram Example sentences
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    means: "Zimbabwe" Examples
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    means: "drip" Examples
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    means: "see" Example sentences
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    means: "impress" Examples phrases
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    means: "run" Example phrases
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    What is JC?

    JC (short for Jamaica Creole) is a language that is, by and large, spoken more than it is written. Jamaica Creole started off as a contact language (i.e., a pidgin) way back during the days of the Atlantic slave trade. What happened was people from different tribes wanted to communicate with...
  17. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means: "for" Example sentences Other phrases containing fah En JC Go for Guh fah Do for Duh fah Ask for Ax fah Call for Kaal fah Fear for Fier fah Lust for Las fah Live for Lib fah Look for Luk fah Come for Kom fah Make for Mek fah
  18. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means: "no" and it's also used for negation purposes in sentences. Other variants: noh nah na Example sentences
  19. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means: "do it" Variants duwit dweet Example sentences
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    means: "number" Examples sentences Some numbers En JC One Wan Two Tuu Three Chrii Four Fuo Five Faib Six Siks Seven Sebn Eight Hiet Nine Nain Ten Ten Eleven Lebm Twelve Twelb Thirteen Tertiin Fourteen Fuotiin Fifteen Fiftiin Sixteen Sixtiin Seventeen...