1. C

    Ghost audio mixing or mastering?

    Everybody and their mama know very well that in the music business there is a practice of singers and rappers using ghostwriters and also record producers who go about utilizing the services offered by some ghost producers. My question is how prevalent is ghost audio mixing or mastering and can...
  2. C

    Sampling rates and Image-Line's FL Studio DAW

    What is the best sample rate to use in Image-Line's FL Studio DAW across the board; I mean either for tracking (i.e., recording), production, sound mixing, or for audio mastering.
  3. T

    Instant online audio mastering services do they deserve album credits?

    With the presence of instant online audio mastering services and the soon to be widely prevalent online mixing services in the future, suppose an album wins an award e.g. the Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album is it okay for that particular audio engineering credit to go to say, for example...
  4. T

    What is an octave on FabFilter Software Instruments Pro-Q?

    The title says it all. I am wondering what's the quality factor (bandwidth) to set FabFilter Software Instruments Pro-Q to one octave? Is that Q 1.414 like what most people suggest on YouTube?
  5. H

    Automated vs. human audio mastering?

    Novel online mastering services like LANDR, ARIA, eMastered, etc are they a threat to mastering engineers' careers? If so explain why robot mastering isn't particularly a good idea to be widely implemented?
  6. H

    Fixed EQ bands?

    If you were to select center frequencies for an audio equalizer with fixed bands what would they be?
  7. T

    Mixing or mastering with Fibonacci percentages?

    Does the idea of mixing with Fibonacci percentages sound like a good idea?
  8. T

    iZotope, Inc. Ozone Vintage Equalizer go-to settings?

    What are some of your go-to settings in the event that you choose to use iZotope Ozone Vintage EQ particularly for audio mastering?
  9. T

    What is the best "Q" Setting for audio mastering?

    Perhaps my question is kinda broad but in most given situations what would y'all recommend as an ideal quality factor (or bandwidth) for audio mastering?
  10. Tafadzwa Twabam

    Wetin styuujo moniitadem Deejie Tamuka Makuluni yuus?

    Heniwan nuo wah styuujo moniitadem DJ Tamuka yuus fi mek myuuzik?
  11. Tafadzwa Twabam

    Mek wi tok bawt equalization kwaliti fakta an bandwidth

    Suh dis ting dem kaal kwaliti fakta na it di siem fah everitin fo heni myuuzik equalizer ar deh dey gwine bi som difrans boht dem tings?
  12. Borrowdale Barron

    Image-Line's Fruity Delay 3

    I dey likl bexed wid Image-Line's Fruity Delay 3 tempo sync.
  13. Mpumelelo von Mumhanzi

    Panning drums: audience vs. drummer's perspective

    Whether you like panning your drums from an audience or drummer's perspective just make it sound good already. It's all that matters at the end of the day. Now, for some of y'all who ain't familiar with audience or drummer perspective mixing, I'll give you a quick synopsis of what it entails in...
  14. Bla Jedza

    What's the Best Settings for FabFilter Software Instruments Pro-L?

    What would y'all recommend as a general-purpose go to best settings for FabFilter Pro-L VST mastering limiter?
  15. Mpumelelo von Mumhanzi

    What is RT60 reverberation time?

    RT60 is a standard measurement used to specify the time it takes for a reverb sound to decay by 60 dB. In general here is a common reference for RT60 times: Space Time Generic room 0.8 seconds (or 800 ms) Generic medium hall 1.2 seconds (or 1200 ms) Generic large hall 2.5 seconds (or...
  16. Numero Uno

    Audio mixing, mastering and the Fibonacci sequence?

    What are best EQ and compression settings to use as frequency starting points based on the Fibonacci sequence (by Leonardo Pisano Bigollo)?
  17. Bla Jedza

    High-pass and low-pass filters on Zimdaansaal vocals?

    What are good mixing settings when using either a high-pass filter or a low-pass filter on Zimdancehall vocals?
  18. Mpumelelo von Mumhanzi

    What are audio stems in music production?

    Audio stems is a sound engineering jargon term to describe the organization of multiple audio tracks grouped as one unit according to specific sound categories. You can create stems in your DAW (digital audio workstation) by using group channels (also known as either aux channels, bus or buss...
  19. Numero Uno

    What is the best free DAW?

    What would y'all recommend as the best free DAW that has an easy learning curve?
  20. Mpumelelo von Mumhanzi

    What amount of headroom should you leave for audio mastering?

    The amount of headroom you should reserve before mastering music after audio mixing is subjective. What matters the most is to avoid hard clipping i.e. making sure you are not going over 0 dBFS on the master fader. However, some sound engineers may recommend having your final mix peaking at -6...