1. V

    How often do any of you use Avid Pro Tools Dynamics III plugin suite?

    Any thoughts on the Avid Pro Tools stock plugin compressor that's bundled in the Dynamics III plugin suite also how often are y'all likely to reach for Dyn3 Expander/Gate and for what purpose?
  2. Christina María Aguilera is penning new songs inspired by her Vegas residency

    Christina María Aguilera is penning new songs inspired by her Vegas residency

    American singer, songwriter, actress, and television personality, Christina María Aguilera has revealed she's been experimenting with new sounds for her next studio album.
  3. T

    Mastering with headphones?

    Is audio mastering with headphones a good approach to finishing off a song or a record?
  4. M

    How can I offer mix and mastering services without a portfolio?

    I'm wondering how to offer mixing and mastering services when I don't have a portfolio yet. Any tips or advice would be super helpful. Thanks!
  5. A

    What is the best Waves plugin to get my vocals to sit well in the mix?

    Which Waves plugin helps my vocals sit well in the mix?
  6. A

    Apple Logic Pro latency issues

    Hey, I've opened up a project I worked on last night, and everything was good. But now, when I reopened it to record the final part, I was facing latency issues. Nothing's changed, I haven't changed any settings, I just saved and closed the project, and then reopened it. My buffer's set to 1024...
  7. G

    Any tips on getting that super low vocal sound in EDM or pop?

    How do you get that super low vocal sound in EDM or pop music?
  8. B

    Is learning how to use FL Studio DAW on Skillshare worth it?

    Is it worthwhile to learn how to use FL Studio DAW on Skillshare?
  9. Mpumelelo von Mumhanzi

    How to create a sub bass drum with PreSonus Studio One's Tone Generator

    Kick drum recordings can be challenging, and you can discover your recorded or sampled bass drums just don't sound right when mixing a track. Well, common methods that you could employ to resolve this such as namely: drum layering, drum replacement, or using a tone generator digital audio...
  10. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Macky 2 - "Tiki Taka" feat. Chef 187

    Zambian hip-hop recording artist Macky 2 unleashes his eagerly anticipated single, "Tiki Taka," featuring his younger sibling Chef 187 and produced by Mag44. This track is without a doubt a pulsating testament to the transformative power of relentless effort and unwavering resolve.
  11. H

    Extracting sample elements with Fruity Parametric EQ

    How do you guys extract or isolate certain elements from a sample in FL Studio? Personally, I utilize Fruity Parametric EQ 2 to extract bass lines and apply additional filters to make it more pronounced.
  12. Boosie BadAzz on celebrity crushes, house arrest, respecting his ratchetness and more

    Boosie BadAzz on celebrity crushes, house arrest, respecting his ratchetness and more

    Hip-hop artist Boosie BadAzz (Torence Ivy Hatch Jr.) sat down with the Breakfast Club Power 105.1 to discuss some on of the issues in regards to house arrest, respecting his ratchetness and of course celebrity crushes.
  13. J

    Does Avid Pro Tools Intro contain unlimited audio tracks?

    I'm considering trying out Pro Tools Intro as an DAW option for mixing and mastering my music. However, I'm concerned about the track limit if you know what I mean.
  14. P

    For Avid Pro Tools, where are the instrument plugins located?

    Could you please let me know where the instrument plugins are located in Avid Pro Tools?
  15. O

    Is anyone using Elgato Stream Deck with Avid's Pro Tools DAW?

    Are any of you using Elgato Stream Deck in conjunction with Avid Technology's Pro Tools DAW?
  16. O

    New computer coming, how to transfer PreSonus Studio One?

    Help! I am getting a new computer soon and feeling anxious! Should I just re-download PreSonus Studio One DAW and all my sound libraries, or is there more to it? I don't want to mess anything up. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  17. H

    What does Image-Line's Maximus plugin actually do?

    Sup guys, so what exactly does Image-Line's Maximus plugin do? I am sorry if this is a noob question.
  18. Tafadzwa Twabam

    Baby Audio launches "BA-1" virtual studio technology instrument

    Baby Audio's first-ever music production software synthesizer plugin, the BA-1, has finally been released. And the user-friendly virtual studio technology instrument is modeled after the classic 1980s analog mono synth, the Yamaha CS01, and boasts a wide range of preset sounds that can be easily...
  19. M

    How does a mastering engineer treat a song?

    I've been curious about the process of mastering and how it differs from mixing. Specifically, I'm wondering how a mastering engineer treats a song. What are the steps involved in mastering a song, and how do they go about achieving the desired sound? Any insights would be appreciated.
  20. A

    Does anyone have preferences with brickwall limiters?

    Ay yo, y'all got any favorite audio mixing and mastering brickwall limiter plugins out there? I usually roll with Brainworx's bx_limiter True Peak, but I'm curious about UAD Precision Limiter as a backup. I did an AB comparison and couldn't really tell much of a difference, especially on tracks...