1. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Hana Vu - "22"

    LA-based indie rock musician Hana Vu has shared "22" as the latest record single from her upcoming studio album, Romanticism. This also marks the third record single she's shared, following "Care" and "Hammer." Her new full-length project drops on May 3rd via Ghostly International, so "22" is a...
  2. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Canguru drops "West Goes The Sun"

    Canguru known for his collaborations with Hayla, Sarah de Warren, as well as session legend Herbie Flowers, releases a new record single, "West Goes The Sun." This track it's a fresh listen that shows off Canguru's creativity. The song blends different musical influences and was produced by...
  3. B

    What is the best way to mix an 808 and kick bass drum?

    What is the optimal methodology for integrating kicks and 808s into a musical composition?
  4. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    GoranGrooves has launched Handy Drums 2.0

    GoranGrooves has launched Handy Drums version 2.0, an updated drum plugin suite. This audio software instrument's version brings improved sound quality, design, and features for a better user experience. What's new in Handy Drums version 2.0 The way the program looks has been totally revamped...
  5. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Pearl Jam - "Wreckage"

    U.S. rock music band Pearl Jam is back with another new song, "Wreckage," which takes a different approach compared to their recent releases but remains equally intriguing.
  6. Logic - "44ever" (Ofishal Vidio)

    Logic - "44ever" (Ofishal Vidio)

    Hip-hop artist Logic has released his new track "44ever."
  7. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Denise Audio has released the Motion Filter effect plugin

    The "Motion Filter," by music production software plugin developer Denise Audio, offers various modes like low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and notch with slopes up to 96 dB per octave. You can select between the classic Sweeper mode for envelope-driven sweeps or the new LFO mode for...
  8. MINZ, 255 - "shadow" (Ofishal Vidio)

    MINZ, 255 - "shadow" (Ofishal Vidio)

    Minz, the singer-songwriter, has released a new music video for his track "shadow," featuring three musician brothers from Germany, 255.
  9. Ckay - "Wahala" featuring Olamide

    Ckay - "Wahala" featuring Olamide

    Ckay's new song, "Wahala," features Olamide. It's about a strong feeling of being drawn to someone. BMH and Moonesawmy Devadasen produced the track.
  10. SaintFloew - "Silas Mavende"

    SaintFloew - "Silas Mavende"

    Catch the vibe of "Silas Mavende" by SaintFloew—it's a record single that's rewriting the rulebook on what's hot in the Zim hip-hop music industry
  11. Tanonoka

    Probeatz - "Bless Us"

    "Bless Us," by Zim hip-hop recording artist Probeatz, is a grower, not a shower. It might not hit you right away, but it'll stick with you. And if you are wondering who produced this rap song, well, that's Mclyne Beats with whom he also collaborated with on another hip-hop track called "Ibanga...
  12. Tanonoka

    Lupe Fiasco - "Indio"

    "Indio" by Lupe Fiasco isn't just a hip-hop song, it's an experience. Click the play button and let the music take over.
  13. Tanonoka

    Ciza, Maglera Doe Boy - "FREE ME" featuring Elizee

    Don't miss out on "FREE Me", a brand-new single from Mzansi musicians Ciza and Maglera Doe Boy also with a guest feature from Elizee.
  14. Tanonoka

    Dannic - "The Reason" featuring DYSON

    Hear the catchy sound of "The Reason", a track by Dutch DJ and EDM producer Dannic. "The Reason", also features a vocal performance by the English singer and songwriter DYSON. Press play and let the rhythm take over.
  15. S

    When did Zimdancehall start in Zimbabwe?

    Is there a known starting point for Zimdancehall music in Zimbabwe?
  16. Tanonoka

    Oriyano - "Kupenga Wakapenga" (Ofishal Vidio)

    Listen to "Kupenga Wakapenga" by Oriyano. Your ears will thank you (or maybe fear you).
  17. A

    Why do many Zimdancehall artists only stick to that genre?

    Would it not be a good idea for a Zimdancehall artist to try other genres music in order for them broaden their audience? I am sure there are some who would be able to do that instead of making a whole bunch of repetitive records.
  18. Enock Guni's brother Tyfah Guni

    Enock Guni's brother Tyfah Guni

    That's Nox's brother Tyfah Guni i.e., musical artist and record producer.
  19. Tanonoka

    Nox - "Game Over" (Ofishal Vidio)

    Tap into the energy of "Game Over" performed by Nox and produced by his brother Tyfah Guni. Lead guitars on this track were brought to life by none other than Itso Chimombe—dual wielding as the lead guitarist and managerial mastermind behind Ice n Roses Band. Also Joining him is the gifted...
  20. V

    BPM differences between Ableton Live and Rekordbox

    Have you ever encountered a situation where a track exported from Ableton Live DAW at 138 bpm ends up displaying as 138.02 bpm in Rekordbox? This discrepancy can be frustrating, especially when trying to maintain precise tempo across platforms. I'm curious to understand why this shift occurs...