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    Mastering with headphones?

    Is audio mastering with headphones a good approach to finishing off a song or a record?
  2. T

    What are the pros and cons of an LLC vs sole proprietorship?

    LLCs vs sole proprietorships: what's best?
  3. M

    How can I offer mix and mastering services without a portfolio?

    I'm wondering how to offer mixing and mastering services when I don't have a portfolio yet. Any tips or advice would be super helpful. Thanks!
  4. M

    Which challenge is the biggest for your SME business?

    When it comes to running a small and medium-sized enterprise, what's the biggest challenge?
  5. S

    How can you convince stores to carry your small business products?

    Many stores hesitate to adopt fresh items. How can you persuade them to embrace your latest offering in their inventory as a small enterprise?
  6. L

    Which is the best tool for keyword research between Ahrefs or Semrush?

    Hey folks, I'm looking to up my keyword game, and I'm torn between Ahrefs and Semrush. Which one do you think is the top-notch tool for keywords? Would love to hear your experiences and recommendations!
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    Anyone ever had issues uploading videos on Dailymotion?

    What's the deal with Dailymotion, fam? I'm trying to drop some videos, but this platform's acting like it's stuck in the '90s and it's more like up-SLOW-ding.
  8. H

    Extracting sample elements with Fruity Parametric EQ

    How do you guys extract or isolate certain elements from a sample in FL Studio? Personally, I utilize Fruity Parametric EQ 2 to extract bass lines and apply additional filters to make it more pronounced.
  9. S

    What thoughts do you have concerning AI image generators?

    Ola amigos, I'd love to hear your two cents on AI image generators! What's the scoop on these nifty tools? Personally, I'm intrigued by the intersection of artificial intelligence and visual creativity. It's mind-blowing how these algorithms can churn out stunning and sometimes surreal images...
  10. C

    What is the likelihood of AI regulation benefiting the masses?

    How likely is it that the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) will bring significant benefits to the majority of common people i.e., the plebs as opposed to the elite who run or own a significant portion of multinational corporations (MNCs)?
  11. E

    Generative artificial intelligence prompt engineering and artistry

    Suppose someone has top-notch prompt engineering skills when working with generative artificial intelligence so much that the final rendered output rivals, other creative persons, should their artistry be questioned?
  12. P

    AI art controversy

    How much of a game-changer will generative AI be in transforming the creative industry, especially when it comes to digital art?
  13. Reddit new API changes may force Apollo and third party clients to shutdown

    Reddit new API changes may force Apollo and third party clients to shutdown

    After Twitter shut down third-party apps earlier this year, it seems that Reddit is poised to eliminate or significantly diminish the usage of popular third-party clients with its updated API pricing changes to access the site via non-official mobile applications.
  14. P

    For Avid Pro Tools, where are the instrument plugins located?

    Could you please let me know where the instrument plugins are located in Avid Pro Tools?
  15. G

    What advice would you give to someone who has no business experience?

    What's good fam! If one were to find themselves in a situation where they possess an absence of familiarity in matters pertaining to commercial ventures, yet are endowed with an ample abundance of spare moments to devote to acquiring said knowledge, what advice would you suggest to aid them in...
  16. C

    How do you effectively advertise a service-based business?

    If you are a service-based business, where do you advertise your services? Do you do all on socials or what? Can y'all provide insights on effective marketing strategies for a service-based business?
  17. O

    Is anyone using Elgato Stream Deck with Avid's Pro Tools DAW?

    Are any of you using Elgato Stream Deck in conjunction with Avid Technology's Pro Tools DAW?
  18. M

    How does a mastering engineer treat a song?

    I've been curious about the process of mastering and how it differs from mixing. Specifically, I'm wondering how a mastering engineer treats a song. What are the steps involved in mastering a song, and how do they go about achieving the desired sound? Any insights would be appreciated.
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