1. S

    Chii chinonzi "mero"?

    I often hear people say this word "mero" but my Shona isn't that good. What does it mean though?
  2. E

    Is Meta Llama 3 free to use?

    Do you have to pay to use Meta's Llama 3 AI?
  3. Z

    Is Tyfah Guni related to Nox Guni?

    Nox and Tyfah Guni, are they related? Pane hukama here?
  4. DGM

    General questions

    Please note that questions in the General Q and A sub-forum that are not asked in good faith will be removed. This includes questions that are rants or hateful towards any group, as well as leading questions and those asked merely to promote an agenda. We understand that online discussions can...
  5. Mpumelelo von Mumhanzi

    Understanding hertz (Hz) in digital signal processing

    Frequency, measured in Hertz (Hz), quantifies the rate of a cyclical phenomenon. In the context of digital signal processing, Hz is employed to characterize the properties of sound waves. For instance, a sound wave with a frequency of 1000 Hz undergoes 1000 cycles every second. Sampling rate...
  6. In your own words how would you describe socialism?

    In your own words how would you describe socialism?

    What is socialism in your own words?
  7. S

    Any tips for gain staging in music production software?

    Does anyone have any gain staging tips and tricks when working with sound in music production software I could make use of?
  8. C

    Should I mix to -6 dB? My tracks sound muddy at -7 LUFS

    I don't understand why some people recommend mixing to -6 dB, because when I try to process tracks at -7 loudness units full scale, everything becomes very muddy, especially the bass.
  9. I

    Is generative AI going to ruin the art industry?

    Will generative AI ruin the art business?
  10. T

    What is a good dB level for vocals (or vox)?

    What dB level should the vocals be at for mixing and mastering?
  11. J

    Patchbay balanced (TRS) or unbalanced (TS)

    Is it better to use balanced (TRS) or unbalanced (TS) cables when using a pro audio patchbay?
  12. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    This word, zvisinei, is kind of like saying "however," "nevertheless," or "nonetheless." You use it when you want to acknowledge something but then continue with a different idea or point. Example sentences of zvisinei
  13. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    zvita means "December" in chiShona. Example sentences for zvita
  14. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    1: holy (i.e., good morally and religiously) 2: good (i.e., a way to express that everything is fine) Example sentences for zvitsvene
  15. N

    NGINX rewrite rules for XenForo installed in a subdirectory?

    On Plesk, what should the NGINX rewrite rules be for the XenForo community forum platform located in a subdirectory such as
  16. I

    Social media tool for all platforms?

    Does anyone know of an app or platform where I can create a social media post and have it posted to all of my accounts at once?
  17. I

    How do you treat rude clients?

    How do you deal with rude customers?
  18. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    zviya means "by the way" i.e., an expression used to introduce an incidental or additional piece of information in conversation or writing. Its usage adds a casual and conversational tone, allowing speakers or writers to interject relevant asides without disrupting the flow of the main...
  19. C

    This almost-entrepreneur needs your two cents

    Do y'all have any tips for someone thinking about diving into a small biz? I keep holding back, thinking I'm not ready or that nobody's got my back and I'll just get judged instead.
  20. D

    I need help bouncing audio in PreSonus Studio One - (Scaler plugin setup)

    I can't remember how to bounce the audio on an instrument track that's outputting audio through a second instrument track in PreSonus Studio One. Can someone help? Here's the specific situation: I have several tracks with the Scaler 2 sequencer plugin. On the main Scaler track, I'm using MIDI...