1. Tanonoka

    Valhalla DSP dropped version three of ValhallaVintageVerb

    Valhalla DSP (LLC) dropped version 3.0.0 of ValhallaVintageVerb (VVV), wit a new reverb mode they call Palace Reverb Mode, and all VVV audio software plug-in owners get dat upgrade fo' free. Di new Palace reverb mode (as da name be suggestin') be like a big fancy room algorithm and it do be...
  2. B

    What does A&R look for in an artist?

    Is there something like a formula?
  3. C

    Which global artist has Zimbabwe produced thus far?

    It's been over 4 decades since independence yet you can't name a single Zim artist that has garnered worldwide critical acclaim and amassed a fiercely loyal global following. Is it because of language or not wanting to make records for popular music markets, any thoughts?
  4. Holy Ten - "The Book of Malachi" (album launch)

    Holy Ten - "The Book of Malachi" (album launch)

    Tomorrow on Friday the 6th of January, Holy Ten will be launching his new full-length album. DJs on the decks will be Dannie Lite, MC Mocla, MC Gully, Andile Brown, and Spun J. Admission is free entry up until 10 pm.
  5. Mukudzei Chitsama announces new album "The Book of Malachi"

    Mukudzei Chitsama announces new album "The Book of Malachi"

    Zim hip-hop's man of the hour Mukudzei Chitsama isn't slowing down anytime soon. Last week he was at Zimdancehall artist Winky D's album launch. And this week it's his turn to release his new LP titled, "The Book of Malachi".
  6. Mpumelelo von Mumhanzi

    Mastering podcasts

    When you are mastering your own podcasts, your buddies' podcasts, or whatever, make sure you've got an average or integrated loudness of -14 LUFS and you've got your audio software brickwall limiter plug-in ceiling output set at -3 dBFS. It's best to stay within this range when mastering in...
  7. Mpumelelo von Mumhanzi

    What is sampling in music?

    Sampling is stitching existing musical work together with another work-in-progress normally inside a DAW (although this can also be done using a hardware workstation). To successfully do that you need permission from whoever owns both the sound recording copyright and the publishing side of...
  8. Here are Zimdancehall recording artists performing at Seh Calaz event

    Here are Zimdancehall recording artists performing at Seh Calaz event

    It's gonna be an epic night of sound, one that no fan of Zimdancehall music should miss out on. Performing live as supporting acts will be Blot, Bazooka, Celcius, Empress Massina, Lady Squanda, Queen Kadjah, Kinnah, Guspy Warrior, Khabhidha, Hwinza, Uncle Epatan, Silent Killer, Van Choga, etc.
  9. J

    Why do artists sign to other artists if their in the same lane?

    Is it not hustling backward when upcoming recording artists sign with other artists if they are in the same lane as them? I don't think if you are an artist you'd be okay with artists you have signed on your record company becoming more prominent than you in the same genre of music. The point...
  10. E

    How can one invest in the music biz?

    What are the best ways to invest in music?
  11. T

    Is it okay to master in the same project or start a new one

    When you have finished working on a record. Is it best to master the tune in the same project or to render it to a WAV file and then start a separate project session for mastering?
  12. B

    Who is the best in Zim hip-hop?

    Right now who is the best in Zim hip-hop?
  13. G

    Is it not counterproductive for audio software developers to make AI tools?

    What is the end game of audio software developers who are keen on improving artificial intelligence-related plugs when that has the potential to replace both mastering and mixing sound engineers? If AI music becomes so good who will buy the plugs?
  14. T

    Why do some musicians pretend that music is not a commodity?

    What is it about some musicians who are reluctant to accept that recorded music is a commodity to be exploited for quick capital gains? I don't see the difference between fast fashion and the hyper-commodification of records being made today. It's all consumed and forgotten in a short space of...
  15. T

    Does a 360 deal mean a record company is entitled to publishing income?

    In the recording industry does a 360 deal mean an artist has to give some of their income to a record label from their streams on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and the rest of all the other platforms?
  16. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    On the Gram, Katy Perry expagorated her viral eye glitch

    On the Gram, U.S. singer-songwriter Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson popularly known by her stage name Katy Perry explained what recently happened to her eye at the Las Vegas concert. Earlier, a video circulated on social media — i.e., on ByteDance's TikTok application — in which the pop music...
  17. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Rihanna - "Lift Me Up" (Myuuzik Vidyo)

    A new record single Lift Me Up is Rihanna's first track in six years ever since her last long-playing album Anti in 2016 is for Marvel's film "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" soundtrack, and has also been released as a tribute to actor Chadwick Aaron Boseman, the protagonist King T'Challa of the...
  18. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    A new program is being launched by Frank Ocean on Apple Music 1 Show

    U.S. Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Frank Ocean has just announced the release of his new upcoming project — a weekly show on Apple Music 1, launched under the name "Homer Radio." The first episode will feature Paris-based French producer Crystallmess (Christelle Oyiri), whilst the...
  19. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Singer-songwriter IZA shows off her curves on social media

    The beautiful and talented Brazilian singer-songwriter IZA posted a very sexy photo on her official Instagram page, showing her excellent physical shape and her curves on a beach, captioning the record with the phrase: "Juma is different." And immediately afterward, several of the singer's...
  20. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    General Kitenge reassures safety at the upcoming Fally Ipupa's concert

    The provincial commissioner of the Congolese national police and commander of the city province of Kinshasa, General Sylvano Kasongo Kitenge during a meeting organized at the provincial police station with all the commanders of Kinshasa, General Kitenge reassured music fans that the forces of...