1. S

    Chii chinonzi "mero"?

    I often hear people say this word "mero" but my Shona isn't that good. What does it mean though?
  2. S

    When did Zimdancehall start in Zimbabwe?

    Is there a known starting point for Zimdancehall music in Zimbabwe?
  3. Tanonoka

    Oriyano - "Kupenga Wakapenga" (Ofishal Vidio)

    Listen to "Kupenga Wakapenga" by Oriyano. Your ears will thank you (or maybe fear you).
  4. Z

    Is Tyfah Guni related to Nox Guni?

    Nox and Tyfah Guni, are they related? Pane hukama here?
  5. Tanonoka

    Poptain, Legend Killer, Major Terro - "Chovha Joji"

    Poptain, Legend Killer, Major Terro brought their A-game with a sizzling new song "Chovha Joji." "Chovha Joji" info Recording artists Record producer Ameen Jaleel Yaseen Major Terro Legend Killer Major Terro
  6. Tanonoka

    Herman - "Handipere" (Myuuzik Vidyo)

    Tune in to "Handipere," a catchy record single by Herman. "Handipere" info Recording artist Producer Video director Mukombe Mupelo Herman G Fingers Taurai Zidya
  7. Tanonoka

    Holy Ten - "Very Tight"

    Lend your ears to the record single "Very Tight" performed by Zim hip-hop musician Holy Ten. "Very Tight" info Recording artist Production Mukudzei Chitsama (Performer) Samanyanga Sounds
  8. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    This word, zvisinei, is kind of like saying "however," "nevertheless," or "nonetheless." You use it when you want to acknowledge something but then continue with a different idea or point. Example sentences of zvisinei
  9. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    zvita means "December" in chiShona. Example sentences for zvita
  10. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    1: holy (i.e., good morally and religiously) 2: good (i.e., a way to express that everything is fine) Example sentences for zvitsvene
  11. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    zviya means "by the way" i.e., an expression used to introduce an incidental or additional piece of information in conversation or writing. Its usage adds a casual and conversational tone, allowing speakers or writers to interject relevant asides without disrupting the flow of the main...
  12. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means either "Zimbabwe", "Dzimbabwe", "Dzimbahwe", or "Zimbabwean"; however, the latter is normally used in instances such as these e.g., Zim men/women, Zim celebs, Zim socialites, Zim people, etc. I think y'all get the idea. Another similar term although rarely used is Zimu. Example...
  13. Tafadzwa Twabam

    Harare Mayor halts harassment

    HARARE, Zimbabwe — Mayor Jacob Mafume is putting his foot down and ordering the local law enforcement body i.e., Zimbabwe Republic Police to cease and desist their harassment of business owners. In a viral video, ZRP police officers were seen confronting a businesswoman, demanding to see her...
  14. F

    How does one become a runner in Zimbabwe?

    Excuse me, oans, and deijs, I say, howdy y'all, pardon my intrusion. I'm a bit curious, you see, and I am doing a little bit of research about the art of one being a runner in Zimbabwe, particularly those that wish to become a henchman in business deals for the top brass, the captains of the...
  15. Shadaya with his girlfriend in the Republic of Zimbawe capital city Harare

    Shadaya with his girlfriend in the Republic of Zimbawe capital city Harare

    Shadaya, the infamous manosphere anti-simping "alpha male" who claims to have cracked the code to understanding how women operate, was spotted strolling through the streets of Harare with his girlfriend. Hmm, has the self-proclaimed ladies' man finally found true love or it's smash and dash?
  16. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    echazi or "H-Town" in Zim slang refers to Harare i.e., a city that is part of Mashonaland Province. Example sentences
  17. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means either "we're now okay with that" or "we've had enough of that". Synonyms: Tavebho Zvakwana Usage Taabho (or tavebho) is often used when expressing exhaustion, particularly with something being done repeatedly, and as a means to show protest Zimbos will say the aforementioned for...
  18. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    means ragi or finger millet (a small, nutritious, and resilient cereal grain high in protein) Synonyms: rapoko rukweza Example sentences
  19. Mudiwa Hood's office

    Mudiwa Hood's office

    Mudiwa Hood, he's proof that success isn't just measured in Zim hip-hop bars, but by an entrepreneurial spirit and a determination to be a real mbinga.
  20. Dyonne Tanaka got herself a new tattoo

    Dyonne Tanaka got herself a new tattoo

    Dyonne Tanaka has made a bold statement with her latest adornment, a tattoo situated just below her left shoulder. This addition to her appearance is sure to inspire and ignite the passion for body art in some Zimbos, maybe.