Aspiring Zim singer-songwriter Shashl (Ashleigh Angel Moyo i.e., Zimbabwe's Minister of Health Obadiah Moyo’s daughter) is said to have been knocked out cold left, right, and center at Pabloz Club in Harare after a scuffle. Godfrey Utsiwegota popularly known as G5 (or G5_utsii) on social media was charged with the assault.


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Aminata I don't think marriage is something all folk want to strive for though, some people just really want children.


Not everyone wants to be married, and not everyone abides by the religious rules of how to live their life like some of y'all do.


Aminata marriage is a scam.

You are wrong Tyrone. The people getting married are the scam. Men are busy cheating on their wives with everything in skirt, impregnating other peoples wives and girlfriends, scattering their seeds everywhere, refusing to be held accountable for anything by their direct families. Some women are busy cheating on their husbands too with the highest bidder, they no longer wanna be held accountable for anything, they even bring illegitimate children into the marriage. Everyone is blaming the opposite gender for what they did or did not do. The worst part is claiming the rights to do evil because they are either men or because they are retaliating as women. The purpose of marriage has been defeated in modern times.


Eman so basically what you are saying is that cheating men are the leading cause of divorce? The statistics are not in your favor.


True love doesn't exist. Marriage is always for some form of convenience.

People pretend to be in love because they want to gain something, could be security, money, shelter etc.


Truly speaking marriage is going to be a difficult task in this information age. People fall in love for certain reasons and as they grow the reason changes over time because of the level of information and experience they have been exposed to, most times the information and knowledge are not the same for both parties thereby leading to change in behavior that may look strange to another person.

This strange behavior if not properly handled with strong communication skills and a high level of understanding will trigger the other partner to find solutions to your strange behavior and if not properly handle lead to compounded issues. This is where the problem starts and the worst part is that most young couples process information wrongly these days.


Back in the days Levels would have been forced to marry Shashl?

I think so. You couldn't deflower someone and just walk away as though nothing happened at all. But that would be a shotgun marriage. They are now a thing of the past because people wanna have fun until they are ready to become someone's husband or wife.