How Music Producers Make Money with YouTube

Some Hip Hop producers make money by monetizing unsold instrumentals on YouTube interactive video streaming platform. This means an upcoming music producer has a chance of making money with Adsense by applying for YouTube’s Partnership Program (YPP).

In addition, the more video views and watch time the instrumental gets the more money there is to be made by the music producer considering that people watching those videos aren’t using ad-blockers to filter out the adverts running on the YouTube channel.

But the most important thing to remember before a music producer starts to earn money with Adsense on YouTube is that a music producer has to abide by YouTube community guidelines and successfully meet YouTube’s advertiser friendly criteria for monetization to earn money.

NOTE: In laymen terms YouTube monetization means “YouTube” as an interactive video streaming service will run Ads (i.e advertising) on the uploaded video material thereby sharing a contractual revenue agreement split of 45/55. Which means the YouTube Partner gets 55% of the Ad revenue whilst the YouTube company gets to keep 45% of the Ad revenue from displayed Ads.

Alternatives Ways Music Producers Make Money On YouTube

Affiliate marketing is yet another way for beat makers to make money online by dropping links in the video’s description box on YouTube. This means if a viewer clicks on the affiliate marketing link and buys the said product in question.  A music producer will get commission on the sold product.

Furthermore, some companies will directly advertise their products by asking the YouTuber to mention their products within the duration of the video. This means the YouTuber will be paid by the advertising company if they mention the product or service they are asked to promote within the duration of the uploaded video material.