Have you always wanted to improve FL Studio performance on Windows? This simple trick will help you to maximize FL Studio’s performance for a more effective workflow.

All you have to do is disable the Visual Effects of Windows. That way you won’t waste resources on unnecessary eye candy. So here is how you do it:


1)  Open Windows Control Panel then Click on System and Security

Improve FL Studio Performance on Windows_01 - Control Panel


2) Click on System to change the performance settings of Windows.

Improve FL Studio Performance on Windows_02 - System


3) On your left-hand side click where it says Advanced System Settings to open System Properties menu.


4) When the System Properties menu pops up click on Performance Settings to adjust them.

Improve FL Studio Performance on Windows_04 - Perfomance Settings


5) After you open Performance Settings you can then click on Adjust for best performance option.

Improve FL Studio Performance on Windows_05 - Adjust For Best Perfomance


Windows Without Visual Effects

When you have enabled Windows to Adjust for best performance you will notice a change in appearance. You can always revert back to your old settings if you want, so need to worry. But this will help improve the speed of FL Studio performance.

Remember when you are using FL Studio your main focus should be sound. Of course it’s good to have eye candy and but that’s if your computer can handle the pressure.

The reality is that most bedroom producers can’t afford a high performance computer. Each computer comes with it’s on limits and, once you go past them FL Studio will have those annoying CPU overloads.

Other Tips To Improve FL Studio Performance

It’s best practice to constantly upgrade your machine. That way you can have ample processing power which is ideal for FL Studio’s performance.

In the event that you can can’t upgrade your gear then try running FL Studio on it’s own. Avoid the situation of having other programs in the background.

There are some music producers who have a habit of using FL Studio whilst their web browser has numerous tabs open. It’s not a good thing when your computer is slow. Therefore take caution about what’s running in the background.



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