How to Make a Sub Bass in Sylenth1

In this sound design tutorial will be making a simple sub bass using Sylenth1.

If you are going to be using another different synthesizer. Why not? Feel free to do what works for you. Just remember it’s the sound design fundamentals which matter the most after all.

1) Initialize a blank preset of Sylenth1.

How to Make a Sub Bass in Sylenth1_01 - INIT


2) For Osc A1 set the unison voices to 4 and bring down it’s pitch by -2 Octave. Select a sine waveform and just make sure oscillator re-trigger is enabled.

  • Unison Voices = 4
  • Pitch = -2 Octaves
  • Re-trigger = enabled
  • Waveform = Sine wave

How to Make a Sub Bass in Sylenth1_02 - Osc A1


3) Move on to the Filter A of Sylenth1 and select a 24dB low pass filter. Adjust the parameters of the filter as follows:

  • Filter Type = 24dB Low Pass Filter
  • Cut Off = 30%
  • Resonance = 0%
  • Drive = 15%
  • Input = A

How to Make a Sub Bass in Sylenth1_03 - Filter A


4) Next step is to tweak the settings of the Sylenth1 Filter Control by simple enabling Warm Drive. Hence by turning on Sylenth1 Warm Drive this will introduce higher harmonics to the sound.

  • Warm Drive = Enabled

How to Make a Sub Bass in Sylenth1_04 - Filter Control

5) Now move on the AMP Envelope A and tweaking it’s settings as follows:

  • Attack = 7%
  • Decay = 50%
  • Sustain = 100%
  • Release = 7%

How to Make a Sub Bass in Sylenth1_05 - AMP Envelope A

6) Go to Sylenth1 Mixer Section and increase the main volume to a value of 75%

  • Main Volume = 75%

How to Make a Sub Bass in Sylenth1_06 - Main Volume

7) Finally turn on Mono Legato and set the Portamento Mode to Slide.

  • Mono Legato = Enabled
  • Portamento Mode = Slide
  • Portamento = 5ms

How to Make a Sub Bass in Sylenth1_07 - Mono Legato

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