We will be making a sub bass in u-he Diva. The template we will use is the Mongrel-2 which comes with the synthesizer. By the way u-he Diva also comes with other templates which is out of scope for this tutorial.

The Mongrel-2 template comprises of :

  • Dual VCO ECO for oscillators
  • VCF Cascade for the filter
  • ADS Amp Envelope (Minimoog Envelope emulation)
  • Analog Envelope for modulation.

1)  A blank patch of Mongrel-2 template in u-he Diva.

How to Make a Sub Bass in u-he Diva_01 - INIT


2)  Change the play mode of u-he Diva to Monophonic and increase Glide1 to a value of 20. This will let u-he Diva to play note at a time and Glide1 will add portamento on those notes.

You can leave the number of voice at 6 and the stack at 1. There is no need to stack more voices and it’s always good to keep things simple for a sub bass.

How to Make a Sub Bass in u-he Diva_02 - Mono and Glide


3) The oscillator for this Diva tutorial will be a Dual VCO ECO and we will also use EcoWave1 which is triangle wave.

Turn Osc 1 waveform knob to the left and pitch it down by -2 Octaves. Then boost Osc 1 level to about 80%.

How to Make a Sub Bass in u-he Diva_03 - Osc1


Filter and Amp Section for Sub bass in u-he Diva


4) The Filter we will use is a VCF Cascade which is selected when you load Mongrel-2 template in u-he Diva.

Lower the Filter cut-off point to a value of 53 and turn the Filter FM knob to the right with a value of 8.

Next change the Ladder Color of the Filter from Rough to Clean. That’s all we need to adjust for the Filter. No need to add modulation.

How to Make a Sub Bass in u-he Diva_04 - Filter


5) The Amp Env will be ADS Env 1 just like the one you find on a Minimoog. Speaking of which, u-he Diva also has a Minimoog template.

Adjust the ADS Env by first tweaking the attack time to a value of 8. After doing so turn the sustain level to max. Leave the decay time as is, therefore don’t touch it.

How to Make a Sub Bass in u-he Diva_05 - Amp







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