In this sound design tutorial we will be making a simple sub bass using Image-Line’s 3x Osc virtual synthesizer inside FL Studio.

So just follow through these simple steps as we proceed to make this sub bass using 3x Osc.

Step 1: Initialize a blank preset of 3x Osc.

How to Make a Sub Bass using 3x Osc - #1 Init


Step 2: Drag “Osc 1 Coarse Pitch knob” down to -24 semitones. Thereby, setting the pitch of the oscillator to be tuned to -2 octaves, so as to speak.


Step 3: Drag the “Coarse pitch knob & Vol Mix Level knob of both Osc 2 and Osc 3” to turn them completely off. Please note, you can just alternatively turn down the mix level knob of both oscillator 2 & oscillator 3 without worrying about the coarse pitch knob.

How to Make a Sub Bass using 3x Osc - #3 Coarse Tuning and Mix Levels


Step 4: Click on the Envelope/Settings to open up the “Volume Tab configuration” of Image-Line’s 3x Osc. When you have done so, go ahead and dial the Filter’s Mod X knob to around about 10 o’clock whilst setting the filter type to SVF LPx2.

How to Make a Sub Bass using 3x Osc - #4 Volume Tab

Step 5: Click on the Miscellaneous Tab of Image-Line’s 3x Osc to configure polyphonic settings of the virtual synthesizer. Henceforth, adjust the maximum polyphony to 1, turn on the monophonic mode of 3x Osc and finally set the slide knob to 0:03 or anywhere around that range.

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