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Sometimes you may want to move FL Studio’s insert mixer effects such that for example, you can decide that you want the VST delay plugin to go into VST reverb plugin. And in this FL Studio tutorial we will cover how you can do that.

Step 1: Load both insert effects were the VST delay plugin is below the VST reverb plugin on FL Studio’s mixer track.

How to Move Insert Effects on FL Studio's Mixer_1 - Init


Step 2: Hover your mouse and click the arrow facing down on the mixer insert effect to open up FX options.

How to Move Insert Effects on FL Studio's Mixer_2 - FX Insert Options


Step 3:  After you have opened up the FX insert options menu, navigate down towards were it says Move up.

How to Move Insert Effects on FL Studio's Mixer_3 - FX Ins Options


Step 4: All you have to do is click the “Move up” menu option multiple times depending on where you want to move your mixer insert effect.

How to Move Insert Effects on FL Studio's Mixer_4 - FX Ins Moved

The Alternative Way to Move Mixer Insert Effects in FL Studio

The other way you can move mixer insert effects in FL Studio is to hover the mouse cursor on the target insert effect and use your mouse’s scroll button to move the VST effect. This way you can quickly move VST plugins on FL Studio’s mixer slots and we highly recommend this method than to click through menus and selecting whether to move the mixer effect up or down.

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