This sound design will show you how to make a simple electric piano in u-he Hive. You can always apply the same techniques with your favorite synthesizer.

So feel free to follow along. It’s the fundamentals of sound synthesis which are really important after all.

1) Initialize u-he Hive to a blank preset. In addition make sure the synth engine of u-he Hive is set to Normal.

 Amazon S3...Simple Electric Piano Tutorials/How to Make an Electric Piano in Hive How to Make an Electric Piano in Hive_01 - INIT

2)¬†For Osc 1 we are going to use a sine wave but we won’t be using the Sub Osc. We also don’t need more unison voices only 1 voice will do.

Furthermore we will change the Phase re-trigger of Osc 1 to Reset. Therefore adjust the settings of Osc 1 as follows:

  • Waveform = Sine Wave
  • Unison Voices = 1
  • Tuning Octave = 0
  • Phase = Reset
  • Volume = 100%

How to Make an Electric Piano in Hive_02 - Osc 1


3) For Osc 2 we need a square wave pitched above by +1 Octave with 2 unison voices. We are also going to change the Phase setting to re-trigger then detune Osc 2 slightly.

Finally for Osc 2 we need to attenuate it’s volume to a value of about 70%. Therefore adjust Osc 2 with the following settings:

  • Waveform = Square Wave
  • Unison Voices = 2
  • Tuning Octave = +1
  • Phase = Reset
  • Detune = 10%
  • Volume = 100%


Filter and Amp Envelope

4) We are going to be using Filter 1 for both Osc 1 and Osc 2 respectively. Generally we don’t need so much with the Filter in this sound design tutorial. So simply adjust the parameters of the Filter as follows:

  • Filter Type = Lowpass 24dB
  • Cutoff = 95
  • Resonance = 0%


5) Now for our Amp Envelopes for both oscillators we want them to be identical with each. We also want to try to replicate the envelope of an electric piano.

Go ahead and tweak the Amp Envelopes of Osc 1 and Osc 2 with the following settings:

  • Attack = 0%
  • Decay = 70%
  • Sustain = 40%
  • Release = 30%



Modulation Matrix for Electric Piano

6) We will use Mod Envelope 1 to modulation the pitch of both oscillators ever so slightly. The result will be a subtle pitch drift. So adjust the Mod Envelope 1 as follows:

  • Attack = 0%
  • Decay = 10%
  • Sustain = 0%
  • Release = 0%


Set the modulation amount at a value of 10% to the right. By the way this would be  Modulation Envelope 1 to both oscillators tuning or pitch.


7) Let’s use an LFO to modulate the phase of both oscillators. We want our LFO waveform to be a sine wave and set the sync speed of the LFO to 1/8th.

As for the modulation matrix, the LFO will be modulating the phase of both oscillators at a value of -12% to the left.

How to Make an Electric Piano in Hive_07 - LFO 1

How to Make an Electric Piano in Hive_07 - Mod Matrix 2



8) We will also use LFO 1 to modulate the volume of both oscillators. This will create a subtle tremolo effect which is common with electric pianos.


Set the modulation amount to about 5% to the right.

How to Make an Electric Piano in Hive_08 - Mod Matrix 3


9) Now we want to set the Mod Wheel to open the filter ever so slightly. We can do that by assigning the Mod Wheel to Filter 1 with the mod matrix.

In addition set the modulation amount of the Mod Wheel to about 10% to the right.


Effects and Miscellaneous


The effects we will use are optional as far as this sound design tutorial is concerned. The bulk of the sound design process is done already. However we will just use some effects to add more life to the sound.

10) Enable u-He Hive’s Distortion effect and configure the settings as follows:

  • Type = SoftClip
  • Amount = 15
  • Tone = 50
  • Mix = 10

How to Make an Electric Piano in Hive_10 - Distortion FX

11) Next effect will be a ping-pong Delay. Therefore tweak the settings of the Delay FX as follows:

  • Delay Type = Ping-Pong
  • Mix = 25%
  • Width = 100%
  • Feedback = 40%
  • LP = 30%
  • HP = 80%
  • Left = 1/8th
  • Right = 1/4th

How to Make an Electric Piano in Hive_11 - Delay FX


12) Enable the Reverb FX and adjust it’s parameters as follows:

  • Mix = 20%
  • Pre-delay = 10
  • Size = 100
  • Decay = 30
  • Damp = 50
  • Width = 100%

How to Make an Electric Piano in Hive_12 - Reverb FX


13) Increase the master output level of u-he Hive to compensate for low volume.






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