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  1. Tafadzwa Twabam

    How old was Dyonne Tafirenyika when she started dating Stunner?

    Was Dyonne Tafirenyika already 18 years old when she started dating Stunner (Desmond Chideme)? I am asking this because some Zimbos have been saying she was allegedly groomed, by the way, and for interest's sake their age difference is 18 years because next oan Desmond was born in 1980 whilst...
  2. Numero Uno

    Rudo RwaStunner naDyonne Tafirenyika Rwatapira Hameno Kuma Next Door

    Muimbi weZim Hip Hop music uyu anonzi Stunner arikuratidza kufara zvikurusa nemudzimai wake Dyonne Tafirenyika pa side. Hameno kunevanoziva kuti kuma next door eku Hukeyi zvakamira sei mazuva ano! Zvisinei hazvo, mucheni mukuru we "smart-all-the-time" Mudiwa Hood asimbisawo rudo rwaStunner...
  3. Bla Jedza

    Stunner has something to say about the competition of "chimuti" in Zimbabwe

    Zim hip-hop rapper Stunner (Desmond Chideme) felt he should enlighten the Zimbaz about what it really means to have chimuti since the novel idea of chimuti has been misconstrued by many individuals on social media. Stunner wrote:
  4. Lenard

    general Zim Hip Hop Artist Stunner Announced "Ghetto Chronicles" New Album

    Desmond Chideme otherwise popularly known by his Zim Hip Hop stage name Stunner is currently prepping up to release "Ghetto Chronicles" a new studio album under his record label Tazzoita Cash Records.
  5. Lenard

    Olinda Chapel denies Tytan is a gold digger

    Olinda Chapel posted a series of IG stories in response to numerous social media opinions about Tytan, her beloved third husband being nothing but a scheming gold-digger who is after her material possessions.
  6. Lenard

    makuhwa Stunner responds to Olinda Nyaradzo Chapel about his clothing

    Zim Hip Hop recording artist Stunner (Desmond Chideme) responded to Olinda Chapel when he was asked by Zim celebs about how he felt when Olinda Chapel posted on Facebook about him and Dyonne Tafirenyika having a habit of wearing fake designer clothes.
  7. Lenard

    makuhwa Olinda Chapel Subliminal Diss To Stunner and Dyonne

    Olinda Chapel wrote on her Facebook wall what has been interpreted as a subliminal diss towards Stunner(Desmond Chideme) and his baby mama Dyonne Tafirenyika for wearing fugazi clothes.
  8. Borrowdale Barron

    Dyonne Tafirenyika Monarch Programming

    Why is Stunner Desmond Chideme letting his baby mama Dyonne Tafirenyika channel that monarch programming energy? Are they trying to recruit Zim people into devil worship?
  9. Lenard

    Dyonne Tafirenyika Denies That Stunner Desmond Chideme Akadyiswa

    Dyonne Tafirenyika who has a child with her current Zim Hip Hop boyfriend Stunner Desmond Chideme wasn't very much pleased with the way people on social media were disparaging Stunner for being made to carry his baby on his back in a manner that is customarily done by Zimbabwe women when they go...
  10. Lenard

    makuhwa Olinda Chapel's Husband Njabulo Nkomo Cheating Scandal

    Just after getting married recently Tytan Nkomo has found himself having to write a press statement to address the allegations that he was in fact cheating on his wife Olinda Chapel with a curvy woman based in UK by the name Tallyn Ndudzo. Tallyn Ndudzo took screenshots of her conversation with...
  11. Lenard

    Dyonne Tafirenyika Wants You to Know How Much She Loves Stunner

    Dyonne Tafirenyika is never short of words to express how much she loves her baby daddy Stunner Desmond Chideme and she captioned her Instagram post saying: "Every time your man eats your ?, put $20 in a jar. That’s his birthday money ?. The way his birthday turns out depends on him?" See...
  12. Lenard

    Stunner Denies Beating Dyonne Tafirenyinka After Zaleekhah Khan's Accusations

    Stunner (Desmond Chideme) denied on his Facebook account that he is a woman beater and has been abusing his baby mother Dyonne Tafirenyika. Stunner also addressed Zaleekhah Khan's assertions about him and suggested she should stay in her lane and consider catering to her boyfriend Anonzi Xndr...
  13. Lenard

    Dyonne Tafirenyika Wants To Go on A Vacation

    Stunner's girlfriend Dyonne Tafirenyika has been contemplating on going for a vacation and enjoy some quality time possibly with Stunner (Desmond Chideme) himself, but most importantly without having to worry about any chores.
  14. Lenard

    Dyonne Tafirenyika Wants You To Know How She Feels About Fake People

    Stunner's baby mama Dyonne Tafirenyika is not very content with how fake people have the nerve to interact with her and she wrote: "I don't know what's worse people who lie or people who think I'm dumb enough to believe their lies. I swear these days everybody is fake! I TRUST nobody! #snakes...
  15. Lenard

    Stunner's subliminal message after Olinda Chapel's wedding

    Moments after Olinda Chapel and Tytan shared pics of their white wedding. Stunner (Desmond Chideme) was in haste to express how emotionally and spiritually free he had become since Tytan will hereafter be associated with Olinda Chapel, while at the same time he gets to focus more on his newfound...
  16. Lenard

    makuhwa Stunner Has Something To Say About Zim Women

    Stunner wrote his thoughts on his Facebook wall and made suggestions that most Zim women in their 20s have the tendency to act more mature than Zimwomen in their 30s. However, Stunner's girlfriend Dyonne Tafirenyika is currently in her 20s whilst Stunner's ex-wife Olinda Chapel who is married...
  17. Lenard

    Dyonne Tafirenyika wants you to know how she feels about haters

    Stunner's partner Dyonne Tafirenyika vented on her Instagram story that she is in a position where she finds herself not feeling too cozy with numerous people she is mutual friends with and suggested the idea of cutting them off. Dyonne said:
  18. Lenard

    Dyonne Tafirenyika wishes Stunner a happy Father's Day

    Stunner's girlfriend and baby mama Dyonne Tafirenyika wished him a happy father's day and thanked him for being such a wonderful man who continues to share great times with her. Dyonne wrote:
  19. Lenard

    Stunner's dating advice

    Stunner gave free dating advice for those who would care to gather themselves and soak up his wisdom about love and relationships. Stunner said, "A man is like shoelaces, he has to go through many holes before he ties the knot." His advice is quite controversial in the sense that it makes it...