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  1. Sadzandiuraye

    Trevor Simbarashe Mbizvo shades Nelia Kadungure's brother Ginimbi

    Trevor Simbarashe Mbizvo who is popularly known as the Hell Commander threw massive shade at the late businessman and socialite Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure when he replied to a comment on Instagram by saying: ?? Mutungamiriri weMadhimoni also had something to say about Ms. Shally and Njuzu...
  2. Numero Uno

    Do You Agree With Ginimbi's Statement: "Handsome Doesn't Pay Bills?"

    To what extent do y'all oans agree with Ginimbi Genius Kadungure's statement when he said: "handsome doesn't pay bills?"
  3. Bla Jedza

    Ginimbi Champagne

    Genius 'Ginimbi' Kadungure received a Champopo gift that bears his name on the bottle and the businessman/socialite was excited about it.
  4. Bla Jedza

    makuhwa Who's a better role model: Sir Wicknell, Ginimbi or Tazvi Mhaka?

    Which Zim celeb among either Sir Wicknell Chivayo, Ginimbi Genius Kadungure or Tazvi Mhaka is a better role model for youths in Zimbabwe?
  5. Numero Uno

    makuhwa Ginimbi And Cici Amor Varikudanana Here Vanhu Ava?

    Genius Kadungure Ginimbi and Cici Amor vanhu vava murudo here?
  6. Bla Jedza

    makuhwa Kim Jayde and MTV Base to touch down in Harare, Zimbabwe this weekend

    MTV Base host and Zim's very own Kim Jayde (Robinson) is touching down in Harare this coming weekend and will also be hosting Genius Kadungure's "Dreams Nightlife" official launch alongside other Zim Celebs namely: Pokello Nare, Luminitsa Kimberly Jemwa, and them.
  7. Bla Jedza

    Genius Kadungure arikuvhura bhawa rake "Dreams Nightlife" pa weekend

    Bhawa raimbonzi Club Sankayi raBusinessman Genius Kadungure (Ginimbi), rachinjwa zita ravekunzi Dreams Nightlife and rinenge richivhurwa musi wa 24 August pa weekend. Mafaro aya eDreams Nightlife anenge ari hosted by MTV Base chanero yamunoziva mose ye mumhanzi. Vamwe maZim celebs oro amunoti...
  8. Queen

    What happened to Ginimbi's Club Sankayi?

    Is Ginimbi's Club Sankayi still open?
  9. Borrowdale Barron

    makuhwa Why isn't Wicknell Chivayo or Ginimbi on Forbes rich list?

    Has Forbes Africa ever acknowledged Wicknell Chivayo and Ginimbi as one of the richest people in Zimbabwe?
  10. Numero Uno

    What is Piko Trading Group's line of business?

    What is Ginimbi's Piko Trading Holdings company?
  11. Numero Uno

    makuhwa Is Ginimbi Married?

    Who is Genius Kadungure Ginimbi's wife?
  12. Borrowdale Barron

    question Is Ginimbi a trick?

    Y'all think Ginimbi fits the description of being a trick?
  13. Numero Uno

    general Watch - Genius Ginimbi's Mansion Tour

    Watch Ginimbi's (Genius Kadungure's) mansion tour located in Domboshava.
  14. Numero Uno

    question Why do socialites act wild on Ginimbi's Instagram live?

    Are those socialites who come live on Ginimbi's Instagram live videos paid behind the scenes to act a little bit extra or what?
  15. Lenard

    Genius Kadungure ZIMRA Tax Evasion

    Socialite and businessman Genius Kadungure has been denied bail for criminal charges were he is said to have defrauded Zimbabwe Revenue Authority in sums worth millions of dollars after a lifestyle audit was carried out. See Also: Stunner Responds To Olinda Chapel About His Clothing Pound Is...
  16. Lenard

    Genius Ginimbi Arrested

    Zim socialite and businessman Genius Kadungure (Ginimbi) has been arrested on an ongoing case of tax evasion ($22 million dollars) in Harare.
  17. Lenard

    makuhwa Ginimbi's Club Sankayi Liquor Prices

    Current prices at Genius Ginimbi's Club Sankayi in Harare, ZW: Item Price Ciroc USD $80 Sky Vodka USD $60 Tanqueray USD $10 Grey Goose USD $80 Glenfiddich 12 Years USD $90 Glenfiddich 15 Years USD $130 Glenfiddich 18 Years USD $150 Hennessy VSOP USD $80 Johnnie Walker Black...
  18. Lenard

    Events Jah Signal to launch "Jaya Album" at Ginimbi's Club Sankayi

    Zimdancehall artist Jah Signal famously known for his single "Sweetie" (Shinga Muroora) is going to launch his new Zimdancehall album titled "Jaya" at Genius Kadungure's Club Sankayi on the 31st of October this year.
  19. Lenard

    Genius Kadungure's Interview With Star FM Zimbabwe

    Listen to Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure's interview with Star FM's radio DJs KVG and Phathisani discussing his recent All White Party in South Africa including the issue of fraud which happened at Club Sankayi Nightclub. See Also: Genius Kadungure All White Party 2018 Fake Baller Fraud At Genius...
  20. Lenard

    Genius Kadungure All White Party 2018

    Genius Kadungure's All White Party 2018 was held in South Africa and featured numerous guests in Ginimbi's social circle: Pokello Luminista Jackie Ngarande Luminista Uncle Rolen Kenny Kunene Tazvi Mhaka