1. M

    question What is better: EQ before compression or vice versa?

    Whether you are recording, mixing, or mastering I am kinda wondering, when should you use parametric EQ before compression and when is it best to use compression before EQ.
  2. Tafadzwa Twabam

    question What is the difference between Waves RBass and MaxxBass?

    I know both are bass enhancement plug-ins but what's the underlying difference between Waves Audio Renaissance Bass and MaxxBass? And which one is better between the two, particularly for audio mastering?
  3. Sekuru Dhorofiya

    question What is easier to learn: mixing music or audio mastering?

    Hi y'all, the title says it all, doesn't it? Of course, I'd assume both stages can be challenging but I want an overview and that is to say what is easier to learn: music mixing or audio mastering?
  4. Mpumelelo von Mumhanzi

    general How to create an automation clip in Image-Line's FL Studio DAW

    The way in which you create an automation clip within Image-Line's FL Studio DAW depends on whether the software plug-in you want to automate is a native or a third-party VST effect or instrument. Step 1: Load a native effect or instrument that comes with FL Studio. For this example, I have...
  5. C

    question Some parametric equalizers have frequencies above 20 kHz why?

    What is the purpose of audio mastering parametric equalizers having frequency options over 20 kHz? In reality, most humans can only discern sound in the 20 Hz to 20 kHz range.
  6. Tafadzwa Twabam

    question Dual-mono unlinked limiting and stereo wideners?

    Is fully dual-mono unlinked limiting better than using stereo enhancers to achieve a fairly wide sound?
  7. C

    question Ghost audio mixing or mastering?

    Everybody and their mama know very well that in the music business there is a practice of singers and rappers using ghostwriters and also record producers who go about utilizing the services offered by some ghost producers. My question is how prevalent is ghost audio mixing or mastering and can...
  8. C

    question Sampling rates and Image-Line's FL Studio DAW

    What is the best sample rate to use in Image-Line's FL Studio DAW across the board; I mean either for tracking (i.e., recording), production, sound mixing, or for audio mastering.
  9. C

    question Should you self-master your own mixes?

    Is there anything wrong with the idea of self-mastering your own mixes or music? Usually, most people, in general, suggest that an extra pair of ears is always necessary. Y'all agree with that?
  10. T

    question Instant Online Audio Mastering Services Do They Deserve Album Credits?

    With the presence of instant online audio mastering services and the soon to be widely prevalent online mixing services in the future, suppose an album wins an award e.g. the Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album is it okay for that particular audio engineering credit to go to say, for example...
  11. H

    question Brainworx bx_masterdesk vs Waves Grand Masters Collection?

    What would be a great purchase between either Brainworx bx_masterdesk vs Waves Grand Masters Collection?
  12. T

    question What is an octave on FabFilter Software Instruments Pro-Q?

    The title says it all. I am wondering what's the quality factor (bandwidth) to set FabFilter Software Instruments Pro-Q to one octave? Is that Q 1.414 like what most people suggest on YouTube?
  13. H

    question Automated vs. human audio mastering?

    Novel online mastering services like LANDR, ARIA, eMastered, etc are they a threat to mastering engineers' careers? If so explain why robot mastering isn't particularly a good idea to be widely implemented?
  14. H

    question Fixed EQ bands?

    If you were to select center frequencies for an audio equalizer with fixed bands what would they be?
  15. T

    question Mixing or Mastering with Fibonacci Percentages?

    Does the idea of mixing with Fibonacci percentages sound like a good idea?
  16. T

    question iZotope, Inc. Ozone Vintage Equalizer go-to settings?

    What are some of your go-to settings in the event that you choose to use iZotope Ozone Vintage EQ particularly for audio mastering?
  17. T

    question What's the best "Q" Setting for audio mastering?

    Perhaps my question is kinda broad but in most given situations what would y'all recommend as an ideal quality factor (or bandwidth) for audio mastering?
  18. Bla Jedza

    question What's the Best Settings for FabFilter Software Instruments Pro-L?

    What would y'all recommend as a general-purpose go to best settings for FabFilter Pro-L VST mastering limiter?
  19. Numero Uno

    general Audio mixing, mastering and the Fibonacci sequence?

    What are best EQ and compression settings to use as frequency starting points based on the Fibonacci sequence (by Leonardo Pisano Bigollo)?
  20. Mpumelelo von Mumhanzi

    sound engineering What are pro audio midfield studio monitors?

    Professional audio speakers sold as midfield monitors are different from nearfield monitors, in the sense that they are designed to be used in situations where you are at least 1.5 meters (or approx. 5 feet) to about 3 meters (or approx. 10 feet) away from the speaker. Being too close to a...