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  1. Bla Jedza

    General: What's The Best Settings For FabFilter Pro-L Mastering Limiter?

    What would y'all recommend as a general-purpose go to best settings for FabFilter Pro-L mastering limiter?
  2. Bla Jedza

    Question: Panning Hi-Hats In FL Studio?

    What's the best approach when panning Hi-Hats in FL Studio?
  3. Thunder

    Plug-In Installation?

    How do you install VST plug-ins FL Studio 20?
  4. Goldmidi

    What Is "RT60" Reverberation Time?

    RT60 is a standard measurement used to denote the time it takes for a reverb sound to decay by 60dB. In general here is a common reference for RT60 times: Generic room = 0.8 secs (800ms) Generic Medium Hall = 1 sec (1000ms) Generic Large Hall = 2.5 secs (2500ms) For example, if you were to...
  5. Numero Uno

    How Do You Learn Music Theory In Image-Line's FL Studio?

    What's the best way to learn music theory from scratch in Image-Line's FL Studio?
  6. Numero Uno

    General: Audio Mixing, Mastering and The Fibonacci Sequence?

    What are best EQ and compression settings to use as frequency starting points based on the Fibonacci sequence (by Leonardo Pisano Bigollo)?
  7. Bla Jedza

    High-Pass and Low-Pass Filter On Zimdancehall Vocals?

    What are good mixing settings when using either a high-pass filter or a low-pass filter on Zimdancehall vocals?
  8. Bla Jedza

    Question: The Shortage Of Zimdancehall Female Music Producers

    What could be the reason behind a lack of Zimdancehall female music producers? It look as though Zim's music industry is male dominated and that's also applies to Zim Hip Hop as well.
  9. Goldmidi

    Pro Audio FAQ: What Are Midfield Monitors?

    Pro audio speakers classified as "midfield monitors" are a different breed from "nearfield monitors", in the sense that they are designed to be used in situations where you are at least 2 meters to about 4 meters away from the speaker. Being too close to a midfield monitor setup defeats the...
  10. Goldmidi

    What Are Audio Stems In Audio Production?

    Music "audio stems" are just a way of organizing multiple mix elements grouped together as one unit according to specific sound categories. You can create stems in your DAW (digital audio workstation) by using group channels (also known as either aux channels, bus or buss mixer channels etc)...
  11. Borrowdale Barron

    In FL Studio's Piano Roll Should My Drums Always Be On Note C5?

    When programming or sequencing drums using FL Studio's piano roll is it necessary that drum samples should always be playing from note C5?
  12. Numero Uno

    Question: What Is The Best Free DAW?

    What would y'all recommend as the 'Best Free DAW' which has an easy learning curve?
  13. Goldmidi

    What Amount Of Headroom Should You Reserve For Audio Mastering?

    The amount of headroom you should reserve before mastering music after audio mixing is subjective. What matters the most is to avoid hard clipping i.e. making sure you are not going over 0 dBFS on the master fader. However, some sound engineers may recommend having your final mix peaking at -6...
  14. Goldmidi

    How Do You Learn Sound Design Basics For Music Production?

    One of the most important things to learn in contemporary computer music production is understanding sound design basics (sound synthesis or synthesizer programming). Hence, one of the best way to approach basics of sound design is done by picking a simple to use virtual software synthesizer...
  15. Goldmidi

    Sound Design How To Make Wavy Synth Keys Using Sylenth1 VST

    This sound design tutorial shows how to make deep wavy synth keys using a virtual synthesizer — Lennar Digital Sylenth1. It's a synth preset mainly suited for slow or mid-tempo music, but you can use it in whatever genre of music you are into. So follow the steps below to make this sound: Use...
  16. Goldmidi

    Sound Design How To Make An Electric Piano Using Native-Instruments Massive

    This sound design tutorial shows how to make a basic electric piano using Native-Instruments Massive VST wavetable Synthesizer. 1) Initialize Massive VST to its default preset. 2) For Oscillator 1 choose a "Sin-Squ" wavetable, and turn the wavetable position knob completely to the...
  17. Goldmidi

    Reverb Room Size Explained

    A reverb's "room size parameter" simulates the dimensions of the desired space in the context of whether it's either a small space or a large environment. Large spaces typically have a longer decay time and wide stereo image whilst small rooms correspond to shorter decay time and also a narrow...
  18. Goldmidi

    Reverb Pre-delay Explained

    One of the most important parameter of any reverberation plugin is the "pre-delay parameter" which slightly sets back in time the dry input signal and the wet effected sound. Reverb pre-delay gives us a clue about the size of the room we are working with depending on the duration of the...
  19. Goldmidi

    Reverb Density Explained

    The parameter "Reverb density" usually controls the "thickness" of the reverb tails. A high-density setting will result in a much smoother effect due to thickness of the reverb. On the other hand, a low-density setting makes the reverb tail to sound thin and grainy. Although with low settings...
  20. Goldmidi

    Why Do Brickwall Mastering Limiters Sound Different?

    The main reason why software brickwall mastering limiters sound different is because of proprietary "ALGORITHMS" used by the developer. You can think of algorithms as different styles of approach which are meant to process audio with the motive of handling different program material. For...