wicknell chivayo

  1. Sadzandiuraye

    Sir Wicknell Chivayo brags about corruption

    Here is a little reminder for some of y'all who may be out of the loop: let me put y'all up on game, y'all should lend me an ear for a minute or two, I don't need much. So the thing is, there is this self-aggrandizing guy who likes to call himself "Sir" — and if the honorific address befits...
  2. Bla Jedza

    makuhwa Who's a better role model: Sir Wicknell, Ginimbi or Tazvi Mhaka?

    Which Zim celeb among either Sir Wicknell Chivayo, Ginimbi Genius Kadungure or Tazvi Mhaka is a better role model for youths in Zimbabwe?
  3. Borrowdale Barron

    makuhwa Why isn't Wicknell Chivayo or Ginimbi on Forbes rich list?

    Has Forbes Africa ever acknowledged Wicknell Chivayo and Ginimbi as one of the richest people in Zimbabwe?
  4. Lenard

    makuhwa Genius Kadungure warrant of arrest

    According to H-Metro a warrant of arrest has been issued in regard to Genius Kadungure who is wanted in connection with an ongoing case involving none other than Sir Wicknell Chivayo. The court case is said to have two counts of fraud levied against both Genius and Sir Wicknell. In the...
  5. Lenard

    makuhwa Sir Wicknell Chivayo Cheating Scandal

    Watch the controversial leaked video of Sir Wicknell Chivayo's cheating scandal which has rocked the local tabloids in Zimbabwe and has thus become a trending topic on the internet with inquiring minds wondering if Sir Wicknell Chivayo is a certified player with the gift of gab or not.
  6. Lenard

    Sir Wicknell Chivayo's wife Sonja Madzikanda playing with money

    It seems Sir Wicknell Chivayo's social media antics have latched on to his wife Sonja Madzikanda and she was on Facebook's Instagram app using money as an air-conditioning unit and that's something only a few in Zimbabwe can afford to do. Well, I tell you what mate, we can always talk about...
  7. Lenard

    Sir Wicknell Chivayo birthday message to Joseph Tazviona Mhaka

    Sir Wicknell Chivayo wished his friend Tazvi Mhaka a happy 40th Birthday message on his Instagram account and in addition, he included heartwarming words. Sir Wicknell said: