Software synthesizers have this handy feature called Oscillator Re-trigger. This option makes an oscillator restart at the same phase position. Which results in a very consistent sound from note to note.

On the other hand if the oscillator re-trigger is turned off. The waveform will start at a random phase every time a note is pressed. This is particularly useful for different sounds which don’t require oscillator phase reset.

Some software synthesizers even let you set the starting point of the oscillator phase reset. What this does is give you the option to choose where the oscillator’s phase will restart.

Restart Via Gate in Massive

In Massive you can set Oscillator Re-trigger using the Restart Via Gate Button. This allows you to set each oscillator to restart at its original phase each time you press a key.

Oscillator Retrigger - Massive Restart Via Gate


Oscillator Phase Reset in Serum

In Serum you can enable oscillator re-trigger by turning down the Rand knob on the oscillator panel. So once this is done the oscillator will retrigger from the same phase position.

Conversely when the Rand knob is turned up the oscillator will begin at a random phase.

Oscillator Retrigger - Serum Oscillator Phase Reset

Oscillator Re-trigger in Spire

If you want to enable oscillator phase reset in Spire you have to use the Phase knob on the oscillator module. However the value of the Phase knob has to be greater or equal to 30 for this to work.

N.B if the value of Phase knob is between 1-29 the Oscillator in Spire will start at random phase. In addition this is referred to as free running.

In a nutshell set the “Phase” knob on the oscillator section to any value other than 0-29, and the phase gets re-triggered. Essentially you will be selecting where you want the oscillator’s phase to start from.

Oscillator Retrigger - Spire Oscillator Phase Reset

Oscillator Phase Reset Uses

The option to re-trigger the oscillator’s phase is useful when trying to create punchy bass sounds. Especially when the idea is to have a nice stable and even bass synth.

It’s worth to mention that with analog synthesizers when you press a key. The oscillator is triggered at random positions along the waveform. So when trying to recreate analog sounds it’s best to disable oscillator phase reset.

Pluck sounds will also sound good when oscillator phase reset is enabled. Hence the attack will be accentuated when the oscillator re-triggers it’s phase.

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