1. Nolwazi Kwayedza

    Kuchi master chigemhu ichi

    This Shonglish expression means to be ahead of the curve and excel remarkably as a frontrunner at what you do so much that you become second to none. Word breakdown Kuchi means "to". Master here means a dominant player. Chi means this. Gemhu means "game" (although when used in slang, a game...
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    1: peace 2: chomolia (a type of vegetable that looks kinda like collard greens) Example sentences for 1 Example sentences for 2
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    Kuda kuitwa Mwari

    this is a Shona saying with a connotation of narcissism that means someone has an over-inflated ego—a huge sense of importance and wants to always be treated as though they were a deity. A literal translation of kuda kuitwa Mwari is "they want to be appointed as God." Example sentence...
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    means phlegm i.e., a type of mucus secreted by the respiratory system, characterized by its thick, sticky consistency. The respiratory system produces and utilizes this often to battle inflammation and infections like the common cold, allergies, etc. Example sentences Note: Phlegm is...
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    means a terrain with a steer drop in elevation e.g., a downhill, a mountain trail with a steep descent, a ski slope with a sharp drop-off, and something of that nature et cetera, et cetera. Example sentences
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    means epidemic parotitis ("mumps") i.e., a viral illness that causes swelling on the face and gives a person who has it a hamster typa look. BTW, in chiShona, this inflammatory viral infection of the salivary glands is also called mahumunya. Example sentences
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    this is literarily a replacement spouse that a man can get when his wife has passed on. What is interesting is that traditionally the new spouse in this case is often s'posed to be a sibling (or a sister) of the woman who has passed away. They can also be a niece of the deceased. But nowadays...
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    means ngozi i.e., particularly an avenging spirit of a deceased biological parent to their child (or children) because their offspring did something terribly wrong against them. For example, murder, physical and verbal assault, etc. That said, there are some people who think this type of ngozi...
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    1: which one? (i.e., a phrase you use when you are asking someone for the identification or selection of a specific item from a group or a list things that has more than two options) 2: what's up? (or how are you doing?) Sentence examples for 1 Sentence examples for 2
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    means a portion of something that you s'pose to get; or a legal entitlement you s'pose to receive after creating intellectual property, making an investment, or after a court ruling decision has been made e.g., stock dividend payments, a percentage of publishing royalties, your share of...
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    1: any tree 2: any herb (or traditional medicine) 3: any shrub Example sentences for 1 Example sentences for 2 Related terms for 1 En Sn Trees Miti Root Mudzi Roots Midzi Leaf Shizha Leaves Mashizha Branch Bazi Branches Mapazi Bark Gwati Barks Makwati Fruit...
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    1: to be buck naked 2: a video that shows people engaging in erotic stuff (kumbulabulushula) Example sentence for 1 Examples sentence for 2 Related terms En Sn Blue movie *Muriwo, *nyama, pono, *mabhakings, *musvombolimbo, *sombonyo Buck naked person Mupunu, mupushu Cammodel...
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    1: to immerse, dip, or submerge something in a liquid. 2: country (or nation) 3: the whole world (or the entire earth) Note: Nyika also means state i.e., a sovereign state but not a federated state like for example California, The State of New York, Lagos, or the Free State of Bavaria. So...
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    magaro means buttocks. In the singular form, you'd say garo or dako ("butt" or "bum"). Related terms En Sn Booty Matako, magadziko, chivakashure, shure Anus Mukosho, musuri Example sentences
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    zvokuti means to a great extent, very much, or to an extent that... [blah-blah]. Therefore, for the latter meaning, you'd use the word to emphasize that things happened beyond what you were expecting. Another dialect word that carries the same meaning is zvekuti and that's what you will often...
  16. Nolwazi Kwayedza


    zvomoka means to be unplugged or to be removed from a normal position. Another similar word in chiShona is svomoka which also means that an object (or a thing) is not situated or located in its usual place. Example:
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    zvondo means a strong dislike or animosity towards someone or something Synonyms for zvondo are rutodo, ruvengo or daka. Example:
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    zvongonyoka means either serpentine, rectilinear, sidewinding, or concertina movement. For instance, the way snakes or some creatures without legs move on the ground. A synonym for zvongonyoka is zvonga. Example:
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    zvuzvurudza means to pull or drag something forcefully Example:
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    zwana means two days ago or the day before yesterday. For example, if today is Friday you'd be talking about Wednesday. And a synonym of zwana is marimwezuro. However, you are less likely to hear zwana in many conversations or come across it on social media because many Zimbos nowadays don't...