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  1. Numero Uno

    Question How Do You Learn Music Theory In Image-Line's FL Studio?

    What's the best way to learn music theory from scratch in Image-Line's FL Studio?
  2. Borrowdale Barron

    In FL Studio's Piano Roll Should My Drums Always Be On Note C5?

    When programming or sequencing drums using FL Studio's piano roll is it necessary that drum samples should always be playing from note C5?
  3. Goldmidi

    Sound Design How To Make Wavy Synth Keys Using Sylenth1 VST

    This sound design tutorial shows how to make deep wavy synth keys using a virtual synthesizer — Lennar Digital Sylenth1. It's a synth preset mainly suited for slow or mid-tempo music, but you can use it in whatever genre of music you are into. So follow the steps below to make this sound: Use...
  4. Goldmidi

    Should You Use Image-Line's Maximus Or Fruity Limiter For Mastering Music?

    Yes, you can use both Image-Line Maximus or Fruity Limiter at the same time for your mastering needs. This is what you would refer to as your mastering chain where the signal goes from Image-Line's Fruity Limiter to Maximus or vice-versa. If you like to keep things simple and straight-forward...
  5. Goldmidi

    How To Fade Out A Beat In FL Studio (DAW)

    The simplest way to fade out your beat (i.e instrumental) or song in Image-Line's FL Studio is to automate the master fader volume slider. But it's highly NOT advised to create automation clips using the master fader because this can result in "hard clipping" if you make a minor mistake of...
  6. Goldmidi

    Middle C In FL Studio

    The general convention is that middle C is assigned to the MIDI note value of 60 such that all the notes you can possibly play are in the range of 0 to 127 in MIDI implementation. But because developers have different perspectives of how things should be done, the end result is that DAWS (i.e...
  7. Goldmidi

    How To Stop 808s From Overlapping In FL Studio (DAW)

    The muffled sound of overlapping 808s in Image-Line's FL Studio (Digital Audio Workstation) is often caused by a series of notes played consecutively. However, this issue can be resolved by using FL Studio's "Cut itself" channel rack menu option which forces previous notes to be automatically...
  8. Goldmidi

    What Are FL Studio Tutorials?

    FL Studio tutorials are educational video material about using Image-Line's digital audio workstation in the lines of music production, sound design, sound engineering, and audio mastering. Newbie music producers often start with "FL Studio beginner tutorials" and later on proceed with time...
  9. Goldmidi

    General How To Normalize Audio In FL Studio Using Image-Line's Edison Audio Editor

    To normalize audio in Image-Line's FL Studio (DAW) you have to use FL Studio's Edison audio editor or you can use FL Studio sampler's "precomputed normalization effect" to go around this task. However, for this FL Studio tutorial, we will specifically use the Edison audio editor to normalize an...
  10. Goldmidi

    How To Create A Bus Or A Group Channel In FL Studio (DAW)

    The purpose of creating a bus or a buss group channel is to implement a fader channel that holds multiple instruments. And in this FL Studio tutorial I will show you how you can get around this music production technique. ▶ Step 1: let's rename and color code FL Studio's mixer tracks that we...
  11. Goldmidi

    How To Change The Background Color Of FL Studio's Piano Roll Or Playlist

    Sometimes you may want to change the background color of FL Studio's Piano roll or FL Studio's Playlist. And in this article, we will go through the steps on how you can do that within Image-Line's FL Studio (DAW). ⮚ Step 1: Open FL Studio's Piano Roll ⮚ Step 2: Click on "Piano roll...
  12. Goldmidi

    How To Tune 808 Bass Drum in FL Studio (DAW)

    Many music producers like to tune 808 kicks so that it matches the key of the song. This can help make 808 kicks to sit better in the mix. For example, if the song is in the key of A major. The ideal approach is to tune the 808 kick drum in same key of the track. However, not all 808 kicks may...
  13. Goldmidi

    Audio Engineering How To Mix In Mono In FL Studio (DAW)

    Mixing in mono is definitely a good thing to make sure your music translates well to all kinds of listening environments and there are various ways you can mix in mono inside Image-Line's FL Studio DAW. Step 1: You can switch a mixer track to mono using Image-Line's FL Studio's integrated...
  14. Goldmidi

    Audio Engineering How To Tune FL Studio To 432 Hz

    In Image-Line's FL Studio (DAW) you can change the master pitch of the project from 440 Hz to 432 Hz using the master pitch slider. Some music producers may often utilize this feature if they want to make music in 432 Hz tuning instead of standard pitch tuning of 440 Hz. When FL Studio master...
  15. Goldmidi

    Sound Design How To Make An Electric Piano Using Xfer Serum VST

    This sound design tutorial shows how to design a basic electric piano using Xfer Records Serum VST. You May Also Like: How To Make A Polyphonic SynthWave Brass Sound Using Xfer Serum VST How To Make An 808 Bass Drum Using Lennar Digital Sylenth1 VST
  16. Numero Uno

    Why Is It That You Don't Use Avid Pro Tools?

    I am curious why you don't seem to use Pro Tools unlike many music producers?
  17. Numero Uno

    Question What Is 24 dB Per Octave Filter Cutoff On Fruity Parametric EQ 2?

    How do you set Fruity Parametric EQ 2 band to 24 dB/oct?
  18. Numero Uno

    Question Image-Line's Maximus vs Izotope's Ozone Maximizer?

    Which mastering brickwall limiter is better between Image-Line's Maximus and Izotope's Ozone Maximizer?
  19. Goldmidi

    Dancehall FL Studio Tutorial (Official Discussion Thread)

    This is the official music production discussion thread for the series "Dancehall FL Studio Tutorial".
  20. Borrowdale Barron

    How Do You Apply A Brickwall Filter Using Image-Line FL Studio Stock Plugins?

    What's the process by which you can use a brickwall filter inside FL Studio?