1. Olinda Chapel-Nkomo flaunts her bag on sosho media

    Olinda Chapel-Nkomo flaunts her bag on sosho media

    But here's the thing, folks. All that glitters is not gold. And while Olinda Chapel may seem to have it all, I have to wonder what's going on behind the scenes. Who is she trying to impress? Herself? Her so-called friends? Or is she just desperately trying to fill some sort of void in her own life?
  2. Big Scarr Brother speaks on Gucci Mane for not paying for funeral

    Big Scarr Brother speaks on Gucci Mane for not paying for funeral

    A brother of hip-hop artist Big Scarr (Alexander Woods) claims Gucci Mane canceled his funeral offer to the late rapper.
  3. Drake im deny e flew a deij out fi si im

    Drake im deny e flew a deij out fi si im

    For Instagram, ip-ap rekaadin aatis Drizzy Drake mek am klier for a indairek rispans dat e neba flew nuh gyal fi bi wid im. Dis kom afta a deij go for TikTok an staat fi tel fi shi tori dat both a dem du anprotektid bonking afta dey drink Casamigos.
  4. Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg calls Andrew Tate small dick energy

    Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg calls Andrew Tate small dick energy

    Sosho media personality Andrew Tate decided to tweet at Greta Thunberg, di acclaimed Swedish 19-year-old climate change activist dis morning about how many cars im get. But Greta clapped back Andrew saying dude has small dick energy for his pants.
  5. Kingdom Embassy ugly sweater party

    Kingdom Embassy ugly sweater party

    Lily Java and her husband, Prophet Passion Java, held a Christmas jumper party at Kingdom Embassy.
  6. S

    Did Gunna tell on Young Thug?

    Gunna got out from jail but did he tell though? https://www.tmz.com/watch/2022-12-14-121422-gunna-1532829-761/
  7. B

    Who is Sha Sha's fiancé?

    So Sha Sha (Charmaine Shamiso Mapimbiro) recently made her engagement announcement on sosho media. But since she didn't post her dude, and uh, enquiring minds like mine have got to know who he is. Do y'all have answers?
  8. Sadzandiuraye

    Sir Wicknell Chivayo brags about corruption

    Here is a little reminder for some of y'all who may be out of the loop: let me put y'all up on game, y'all should lend me an ear for a minute or two, I don't need much. So the thing is, there is this self-aggrandizing guy who likes to call himself "Sir" — and if the honorific address befits...
  9. Sadzandiuraye

    Sydney Chauke allegedly stole a hearse in Macheke

    A man was arrested in Macheke for stealing a hearse belonging to a funeral company when it was delivering the body to Murehwa in Mashonaland East. Zimbabwe Republic Police Assistant Inspector Misheck Denhere, who previously held the position of police spokesperson for the Mashonaland East...
  10. Shamiso

    Makomborero Haruzivishe granted bail by Justice Cathrine Mzawazi

    After spending nine months in prison, outspoken MDC-Alliance activist Makomborero Haruzivishe was eventually granted a $10 000 bail by Justice Cathrine Mzawazi of the Harare High Court on Wednesday the 29th of December 2021. In an earlier case this year, in April, Makomborero Haruzivishe was...
  11. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Sean "Diddy" Combs pays tribute to Black Rob

    Hip Hop myuuzik mogul and businessman Sean "Diddy" Combs paid tribute to Black Rob (Robert Ross) a rap artist who was once signed to his Bad Boy Entertainment record label. Black Rob who is popularly known for his hit single "Whoa!", from his debut album Life Story passed away at the age of 52...
  12. Numero Uno

    Latest Zimbabwe celebrity news - 2021 Mega thread

    Suh oans, mi go mek a wan big-big megathread bout makuhwa ("labrish"), an aal dem inchresin latest Zimbabwe celebrity nyuuz dat go happun for 2021. An aal yu oans an daiges don't act laik yu dey kanfyuus bout wah taim e dey. Mi nuo wan ting fo' sho', an das y'all kyan hia mi loud an klier.
  13. Queen

    What are the weird things Zim celebrities do for clout on sosho media?

    We all know social media can be used for good initiatives, but what do y'all usually see as one of the most desperate things Zim celebrities do on social networks for the sake of engaging in clout-chasing antics?
  14. Borrowdale Barron

    Aunty Pokello Nare declared herself the most beautiful Zim woman

    The former Big Brother Housemate Pokello Nare sparked controversy on social media when she allegedly wrote a statement saying: Pokello's statement was received with mixed feelings, and some people were rooting for her while other people on the terraces were suggesting she should come down from...
  15. Numero Uno

    Did Tekashi 69 Snitch?

    Do y'all really think Tekashi69 snitched on his crew and Shotti?
  16. Numero Uno

    Madam Boss responds to haters

    Madam Boss clapped back at haters who don't want her to succeed in the Zim entertainment industry and are jealous of her making major moves they wish they could but can't.
  17. Lenard

    Pound is back in town

    Pound (Tonderai Sakupwanya) is back in town and has been hanging around lately with Joseph Tazviona Mhaka (Chief Jose).
  18. Numero Uno

    general Rihanna turned down NFL Superbowl in support of Colin Kaepernick

    World-renowned singer Rihanna declined the NFL Superbowl Halftime Show to show support for Colin Kaepernick.
  19. Lenard

    AKA Wants You to Know He is Not Gay

    South African rapper AKA was on Twitter disputing all the allegations of people saying he is in fact hiding in the closet whilst he may apparently be gay. AKA shut down the homosexual rumors speculating around about him when he wrote qoute: "Because in Pretoria we drink Brandewyn and take our...
  20. Lenard

    Jessica Nkosi Unveils The Father of Her Child

    South African actress Jessica Nkosi unveiled the baby daddy of her child on her official Instagram account. Jessica Nkosi captioned her Instagram posting saying: "PARENTS.... And no one must ask me who the father of my child is again guys please... this is the first and last time you will see...