1. Nolwazi Kwayedza

    Gudhu yako haisi gudhu yangu

    gudhu yako haisi gudhu yangu this Shona expression means what satisfies you as a person does nothing for me or that which makes you happy doesn't mean much to me since a lot of things in life are subjective e.g., music, food, fashion, lifestyle and etc. Note: There are some toffee-nosed...
  2. Nolwazi Kwayedza

    Hapana kwatiri kuenda

    hapana kwatiri kuenda this expression means that whatever we are doing right now isn't going to amount to anything tangible, and as such, don't have high hopes that our efforts will pay off except that you should quite frankly brace yourself for the worst to come. Note: In non-figurative...
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    Pondo (2 bho-bho)

    pondo (or "2 bho-bho") means two dollars, two euros, 2 quid, etc., as long as the value of the currency being mentioned amounts to, umm "two," so, yeah, it doesn't matter really. Another variant of 2 bho-bho is two bho-bho. However, pondo shouldn't be misconstrued with paundi (or mapaundi in...
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    means a person — particularly a woman — with chiseled calves; often a result of going to the gym on a regular basis whilst doing cardiovascular exercises e.g., running on the treadmill, cycling, mountain climbers, ankle hops, stair climbing, etc. In some cases, wearing high heels every day to...
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    magirini depending on the context this means either any of the following: 1: collard greens (mavheji) 2: low-grade schwag (or low-potency marijuana)
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    Musana wederere

    musana wederere means your lovemaking skills leave much to be desired, you are not a bedroom bully i.e., a one-pump champ who can hardly last long enough to satisfy their partner for them to reach an orgasm (kutunda). This may either be an effect of being overly excited, high levels of...
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    bholato-bholato means let the good times roll. Therefore, if everything is all right what's there to worry about? Ummm, nothing... Nevertheless, moderation is the key to everything. If you are not careful, your raging desire to be a hedonist can lead you into the doldrums, the equatorial...
  8. Nolwazi Kwayedza

    Kupedza ma sports

    kupedza ma sports means you have displayed superior performance or far outperformed your opps (vavengi or mhandu) in whatever field of work you specialize in e.g., this may either be politics, the corporate world, the showbiz industry, etc you name it. As long as you come out on top and you are...
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    chadonha this is bosh ("grand larceny") wherein a group of people steal money or personal property by using a perfidious job offer or a confidence trick. The way chadonha is carried out is either as follows: one person deliberately drops a wallet in front of a target individual while walking...
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    nhumblex means pregnancy i.e. the period of time when one or more babies develop inside a woman's womb (chibereko). Note: the formal words in chiShona for pregnancy are either pamuviri or nhumbu.
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    Kuzvomora ziso

    1: a furtive glance 2: staring at something or someone Example sentences for 1 Example sentence for 2
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    kudhibha 1: to forget something (or not being able to recollect previous events) 2: the state of being naive (or the opposite of being street-smart, if you will) Examples:
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    Mari isina noise

    mari isina noise is a Shonglish phrase that can both mean old money or the idea of being rich without flaunting it. It connotes a sense of modesty and discretion, as opposed to the more ostentatious display of wealth often seen on social media by mbinga dzitsva (¨nouveau riche¨). Their...
  14. Nolwazi Kwayedza

    Kudyirwa musaga

    kudyirwa musaga means to be in a transactional situationship wherein the person you are dealing with is unwilling to change the current status of your romantic entanglement to make it official for several reasons such as the following: they are already engaged or married and they don't want...
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    means either a verbal or a physical attack laced with sheer unadulterated hatred. Note: Vhayorenzi is often used as a popular hashtag on social media platforms by Zimbaz to draw attention by gathering around more people (i.e., a Zimbo audience) especially when two or more influencers are going...
  16. Nolwazi Kwayedza

    Kumhanya bani

    kumhanya bani means acting out of character whilst behaving in abnormal ways as though your intelligence quotient (IQ) is below 70; however, not necessarily because you have an intellectual disability (ID) (kurwara nepfungwa). But often due to either a high intake of drugs or liquor or simply...
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    skweeeeeeya means an equal outcome or an honest agreement between all parties involved wherein everyone benefits without any particular member being swindled (kuvharwa or kukwidibirwa). Another alternative spelling is skweya. Note: This word skweeeeeeya is pretty much a butchered Shongrish way...
  18. Nolwazi Kwayedza

    Waita mutete

    waita mutete 1: this means the situation at hand is well above your pay grade, either because you lack the necessary qualifications or because you are not a member of the power circle -- you are a nobody! 2: a phrase used for saying, "you and I are not on the same level; you're beneath me. You...
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    kopoo 1: a violent way of striking someone with your forehead to inflict pain so that they get to understand who's the real mbinga ("boss"). 2: a technique that's unique to soccer (or association football) where players use their heads to maneuver the ball in mid-air toward whatever direction...
  20. Nolwazi Kwayedza

    Kuzvipa pressure

    kuzvipa pressure 1: This is a rat race of hustling backwards when competing with people out of your league (mbinga). It is better to save and invest your coins than to wastefully spend them (kuzhanya mari, kuridza mari, or kuzhanda mari) on a lavish lifestyle you can barely afford without...