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    Chii chinonzi "mero"?

    I often hear people say this word "mero" but my Shona isn't that good. What does it mean though?
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    This word, zvisinei, is kind of like saying "however," "nevertheless," or "nonetheless." You use it when you want to acknowledge something but then continue with a different idea or point. Example sentences of zvisinei
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    zvita means "December" in chiShona. Example sentences for zvita
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    1: holy (i.e., good morally and religiously) 2: good (i.e., a way to express that everything is fine) Example sentences for zvitsvene
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    zviya means "by the way" i.e., an expression used to introduce an incidental or additional piece of information in conversation or writing. Its usage adds a casual and conversational tone, allowing speakers or writers to interject relevant asides without disrupting the flow of the main...
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    means "cyan" Examples sentences for sayan
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    means "violet" Example sentences for vayalet
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    means either "Zimbabwe", "Dzimbabwe", "Dzimbahwe", or "Zimbabwean"; however, the latter is normally used in instances such as these e.g., Zim men/women, Zim celebs, Zim socialites, Zim people, etc. I think y'all get the idea. Another similar term although rarely used is Zimu. Example...
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    means "magenta" Example sentences
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    means "gray" (or "grey") Example sentences Other phrases containing grie En JC Gray area Grie ieria Gray market Grie maakit Iron-gray Hayan-grie Gray matter Grie mata Slate-gray Sliet-grie
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    means "white" Example sentences Other phrases containing wait En JC White-hot Wait-hot Off-white Aff-wait Whitefish Waitfish Lily-white Lili-wait White bread Wait bred
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    means "light" Example sentences Other phrases containing lait En JC Light up Lait op Light gun Lait gon Red light Red lait Blacklight Blaklait Greenlight Griinlait
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    echazi or "H-Town" in Zim slang refers to Harare i.e., a city that is part of Mashonaland Province. Example sentences
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    means "spectrum" Example sentences Other phrases containing spekchrom En JC Radio spectrum Riedio spekchrom A broad spectrum Wan braad spekchrom On the spectrum Pan/pon di spekchrom Autism spectrum disorder Autizim spekchrom disaada Electromagnetic spectrum Ilekchomagnetik...
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    means "yellow" Example sentences Other phrases containing yelo En JC Yellow-belly Yelo-beli Yellow lines Yelo laindem Yellow cards Yelo kaaddem Yellow pages Yelo piejdem
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    means "black" Example sentences Other phrases containing blak En JC Black ice Blak ais Black eye Blak ai Blackout Blakout Black box Blak bax Black gold Black guol Blacklight Blaklait Black magic Blak majik
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    means "green" Example sentences Other phrases containing griin En JC Green tea Griin tii Green bin Griin bin Green card Griin kaad Greenlight Griinlait Green beans Griin biindem Green energy Griin heneji
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    means "color" Example sentences Other phrases containing kola En JC Off color Af kola Oil color Ail kola Color line Kola lain Color codes Kola kuoddem Person of color Poersn a kola Color television Kola telivijan
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    means "road" Example sentences Other phrases containing ruod En JC Off-road Af ruod Link road Lingk ruod High road Ai ruod Road sign Ruod sain Road trip Ruod chrip
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    means either "we're now okay with that" or "we've had enough of that". Synonyms: Tavebho Zvakwana Usage Taabho (or tavebho) is often used when expressing exhaustion, particularly with something being done repeatedly, and as a means to show protest Zimbos will say the aforementioned for...