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    means: "do it" Variants duwit dweet Example sentences
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    means: "number" Examples sentences Some numbers En JC One Wan Two Tuu Three Chrii Four Fuo Five Faib Six Siks Seven Sebn Eight Hiet Nine Nain Ten Ten Eleven Lebm Twelve Twelb Thirteen Tertiin Fourteen Fuotiin Fifteen Fiftiin Sixteen Sixtiin Seventeen...
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    means: "direct" Example sentences
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    means: "talk" Example sentences
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    Kuchi master chigemhu ichi

    This Shonglish expression means to be ahead of the curve and excel remarkably as a frontrunner at what you do so much that you become second to none. Word breakdown Kuchi means "to". Master here means a dominant player. Chi means this. Gemhu means "game" (although when used in slang, a game...
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    means: "to spill the tea" or "any subject material that falls under small talk". Example sentences
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    means: "drop" Example sentences
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    means: "person" Example phrases and sentences
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    means: "difficult" Example sentences
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    means: "search" Example sentences
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    It's a word that you kinda put before some verb so dat you flip whatever you saying and express it in the past tense. Another closely related word to did is ehn. En JC I thanked them Mi did tengk dem I walked to their house Mi did waak fi dem ous I talked to them last week Mi did taak...
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    means: "respect" Example sentences
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    means: "man" Yeah, this is somewhat news at 11. Below are some examples though. Example sentences Pronunciation It's pronounced as [ maan ] and not [ mohn ] neither is it spelled as mahn or mon.
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    means: "wave" Example sentences
  15. Antonyms for gyalis

    Antonyms for gyalis

    Here are some words that mean the opposite of gyalis.
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    means: "a ladies' man", "a playa", "a womanizer" (or a man wey get many babes). Example sentences
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    1: peace 2: chomolia (a type of vegetable that looks kinda like collard greens) Example sentences for 1 Example sentences for 2
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    means: "business" Example sentences Business Buzzwords En JC Circle back Soerkl bak Thought leader Taat liida Game changer Giem chienja Deep dive Diip daiv Buy-in Bai-iin Think outside the box Tingk outsaid di bax New normal Nyuu naamal Move the needle Muuv di niidl...
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    What does "deh pon" mean?

    This is a Patwah phrase that you use when you are talmbout where something is located or the whereabouts of a person or a group of people. Another variant phrase with a similar meaning is deh pan. I suppose for simple expagoration purposes it's perhaps better to just think of this phrase with...
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    means: "agree" or "agreed" Example sentences