Kick drum recordings can be challenging, and you can discover your recorded or sampled bass drums just don't sound right when mixing a track. Well, common methods that you could employ to resolve this such as namely: drum layering, drum replacement, or using a tone generator digital audio software plugin included in your DAW.

The recipe for making a sub kick with a tone generator plugin​

Although this guide is tailored for the use of PreSonus Studio One's Tone Generator, you can replicate the same steps in your music production software perhaps using a 3rd party tone generator VST or Audio Unit sound effect. Below are the steps you gotta follow:
  1. Open the Tone Generator plugin effect in PreSonus Studio One.
  2. Set it to produce a low-frequency sine wave, preferably between 40 Hz and 80 Hz.
  3. Connect it to a gated oscillator triggered by your kick drum.
  4. Create a new send on your bass drum channel.
  5. Choose the gate sidechain as the destination from the sidechain drop-down menu.
  6. Play your track, and the Tone Generator will be triggered every time the kick hits.
  7. Adjust the send level, gate parameters, and sine-tone levels as needed.
That's all you have to do, mate! It ain't too hard, is it?
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