Mhanza Chironda Inotevera Akura

SN Proverb Mhanza Chironda Inotevera Akura

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"Mhanza chironda inotevera akura" is a Shona tsumo (proverb) which means a grown-up adult or a person in a higher office should always conduct themselves with maturity lest people lose respect upon constantly witnessing a juvenile wayward behavior.

However, in modern-day with the advent of social media, some respectable persons are now openly engaging in internet feuds, whilst on the other hand, you have got grown men and women with children expressing themselves in ways that project low self-esteem coupled with distasteful repugnant conduct.

One can only wonder whether the phrase "the internet never forgets" rings any bell. Because when their kids grow up they will see all those abhorrent moments which can lead to a hard time getting along.

Below are Shona proverbs which carry the same meaning:
  • Makudo makuru anocherera pedyo nechiro
  • Shiri huru haibatwi nehundi
  • Mukuru inukuru hanga haigari pfunde
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