crime and courts

  1. S

    Did Gunna tell on Young Thug?

    Gunna got out from jail but did he tell though?
  2. Sadzandiuraye

    Sir Wicknell Chivayo brags about corruption

    Here is a little reminder for some of y'all who may be out of the loop: let me put y'all up on game, y'all should lend me an ear for a minute or two, I don't need much. So the thing is, there is this self-aggrandizing guy who likes to call himself "Sir" — and if the honorific address befits...
  3. Sadzandiuraye

    Sydney Chauke allegedly stole a hearse in Macheke

    A man was arrested in Macheke for stealing a hearse belonging to a funeral company when it was delivering the body to Murehwa in Mashonaland East. Zimbabwe Republic Police Assistant Inspector Misheck Denhere, who previously held the position of police spokesperson for the Mashonaland East...
  4. Sekuru Dhorofiya

    Should hip-hop or rap music lyrics be used by law enforcement?

    Do y'all agree or disagree with the idea of hip-hop or rap music lyrics being used by law enforcement in order to convict rappers in the courts of law when they are charged with that type of evidence?
  5. Nolwazi Kwayedza

    Discussion thread: Central Intelligence Organisation of Zimbabwe

    Hey y'all, so I need a couple of synonyms for the Central Intelligence Organisation of the Republic of Zimbabwe. I was thinking of including mangonjo. What do y'all oans think?
  6. Shamiso

    Makomborero Haruzivishe granted bail by Justice Cathrine Mzawazi

    After spending nine months in prison, outspoken MDC-Alliance activist Makomborero Haruzivishe was eventually granted a $10 000 bail by Justice Cathrine Mzawazi of the Harare High Court on Wednesday the 29th of December 2021. In an earlier case this year, in April, Makomborero Haruzivishe was...
  7. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    9lokkNine (Jacquavius Dennard Smith) Sentenced to 87 Months

    9lokkNine (Jacquavius Smith) a Florida rapper who pleaded guilty was sentenced to more than 87 months (seven years) in federal prison convicted on federal charges of unregistered firearm possession, aggravated identity theft, and felony possession of a firearm and ammunition. The plea deal for...
  8. Borrowdale Barron

    Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty Of Rape

    Hollywood film executive Harvey Weinstein was found guilty by the New York jury on two out of five rape charges he was facing.
  9. Borrowdale Barron

    Do ZRP officers have to learn law during recruitment?

    So as part of the recruitment process do Zimbabwe Republic Police officers learn law just as much as students at a law school (college) or maybe just briefly without really getting deep into it?
  10. Bla Jedza

    What's the British equivalent of the CIA?

    What is the British intelligence agency similar to the CIA?
  11. Borrowdale Barron

    Death Penalty In Zimbabwe

    Does the constitution of Zimbabwe allow capital punishment by executing people on the death row?
  12. Numero Uno

    How do defense attorneys sleep at night?

    Do defense lawyers have a conscience to feel guilty at times after getting their clients off from charges against them? Like seriously how do defense attorneys sleep at night knowing their client is guilty but they have to beat the case like murder or homicide?
  13. Numero Uno

    question Does clout chasing lead to some people becoming Yahoo boys?

    Do any of y'all see the connection between internet clout chasers coveting the fancy lifestyle of Instagram socialites and being influenced to then become Yahoo boys by all means necessary?
  14. Numero Uno

    Did Tekashi 69 Snitch?

    Do y'all really think Tekashi69 snitched on his crew and Shotti?
  15. Borrowdale Barron

    question Should Hip Hop Rappers Always Stick To The Street Code?

    What's the point of Hip Hop rappers sticking to the street code if they catch a case or are involved in one because of their affiliates? Don't y'all think the streets are a myth?
  16. Lenard

    makuhwa Genius Kadungure warrant of arrest

    According to H-Metro a warrant of arrest has been issued in regard to Genius Kadungure who is wanted in connection with an ongoing case involving none other than Sir Wicknell Chivayo. The court case is said to have two counts of fraud levied against both Genius and Sir Wicknell. In the...
  17. Numero Uno

    The Feds want Ralo to forfeit property, cars and his apartment complex

    The U.S. federal government wants Atlanta rapper Ralo to forfeit his possessions, including the apartment complex he owns if he is convicted on the drug charges he's facing.
  18. Lenard

    Medical marijuana legalized in Zimbabwe

    The use of medical marijuana (mbanje/cannabis/dagga) has been legalized by the Zimbabwean Government and will be regulated by Ministry of Health of Zimbabwe. This initiative makes Zimbabwe the second African country to legalize dagga for the use of scientific research and for medical uses that...
  19. Scorpio

    Bill Cosby found guilty of sexual assault by the jury

    Prominent American entertainer Bill Cosby famously known for his Dr. Heathcliff Isaac "Cliff" Huxtable, MD role in the television sitcom "The Cosby Show," has been found guilty of three counts of sexual assault.
  20. Numero Uno

    Backpage website has been seized by U.S. law enforcement

    U.S. law enforcement seized the infamous Backpage website.