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  1. Njuzu said y'all should treat people better

    Njuzu said y'all should treat people better

    Monalisa Chavura a.k.a. Njuzu, expagorated her thoughts about ubuntu on social media saying Treating people right, is way better than posting Bible verses every day that you don't even practice.
  2. Hillary Makaya is now off the market with unknown oan

    Hillary Makaya is now off the market with unknown oan

    Hillary Makaya the Zim model who has always kept her love life under wraps finally gave a glimpse into her romantic life. She took to Instagram to show off her engagement ring but didn't post who the dude is just like what Mudiwa Mtandwa's ex Angelica Colcheita did several weeks ago.
  3. 6ix9ine calls Gunna a snitch

    6ix9ine calls Gunna a snitch

    6ix9ine called out Gunna for snitching on Yung Thug because 69 thought Sergio Kitchens was flip-flopping like a fish on a dock in regard to contradictory statements in court about YSL being a gang, but now he's claiming it's a record label on Instagram.
  4. Drake im deny e flew a deij out fi si im

    Drake im deny e flew a deij out fi si im

    For Instagram, ip-ap rekaadin aatis Drizzy Drake mek am klier for a indairek rispans dat e neba flew nuh gyal fi bi wid im. Dis kom afta a deij go for TikTok an staat fi tel fi shi tori dat both a dem du anprotektid bonking afta dey drink Casamigos.
  5. Zimcelebs' backup account on IG

    Zimcelebs' backup account on IG

    Zimcelebs wants you to make haste and follow them on their temporary account until their previous account which has amassed half a million followers is reinstated by Instagram.
  6. Zimcelebs' new Instagram account after suspension

    Zimcelebs' new Instagram account after suspension

    Zimcelebs' blog is back on Instagram! After being suspended, they've now opened up a new account and are eager to share their content with Zimbos once again.
  7. Zimcelebs' Instagram account was suspended

    Zimcelebs' Instagram account was suspended

    Oh no! It looks like Zimcelebs's IG account was suspended.
  8. B

    Is creating a YouTube channel like Paguhwa or Kupaidea worth it?

    How worthwhile is it to create a YouTube channel like Paguhwa or Kupaidea? I'd like it if y'all take time to hexpagorate like I'm five in terms of pros and cons. I am all ears.
  9. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    Singer-songwriter IZA shows off her curves on social media

    The beautiful and talented Brazilian singer-songwriter IZA posted a very sexy photo on her official Instagram page, showing her excellent physical shape and her curves on a beach, captioning the record with the phrase: "Juma is different." And immediately afterward, several of the singer's...
  10. F

    Why does Shadaya Knight hate Zim women?

    What's wrong with Chatty Patty Shadaya Knight that he spends his time constantly insulting Zim women? I don't understand why Twitter hasn't banned him for his repugnant misogynistic views i.e. hatred for women. Plus Shadaya Tawona ne information yese yaanayo on how people should run their...
  11. Munyaradzi Mafaro

    QC CEO Pierre "Pee" Thomas Purchased A New Ride For Bankroll Freddie

    QC Ceo, Pierre "Pee" Thomas purchased a brand new custom purple Lamborghini Urus for Bankroll Freddie, a rapper from Helena, Arkansas who is currently signed to Quality Control Music record label.
  12. Numero Uno

    Find Yuh Waif Sleeping Wid Yuh Brother, Oans Das Sad!

    Man found out im brother was sleeping wid im waif jus imagine oans.
  13. Borrowdale Barron

    Kune ma slay queen mu tonaz vanobata mushonga?

    Hau far boht dem gwans rigyaadn ma slay queen daiges anonzi anobata mushonga mu Tonaz kuti varambe vachikwizana wid blessers vachitora mari oro kuvarambisa nevakadzi vavo?
  14. Numero Uno

    Latest Zimbabwe celebrity news - 2021 Mega thread

    Suh oans, mi go mek a wan big-big megathread bout makuhwa ("labrish"), an aal dem inchresin latest Zimbabwe celebrity nyuuz dat go happun for 2021. An aal yu oans an daiges don't act laik yu dey kanfyuus bout wah taim e dey. Mi nuo wan ting fo' sho', an das y'all kyan hia mi loud an klier.
  15. Numero Uno

    What does the Christian Holy Bible say about social media?

    Should Christians use social media platforms and what does the Holy Bible, in general, say about other things relating to the internet?
  16. Shamiso

    Is Cancel Culture Toxic and Should It Be Canceled?

    Perhaps without sosho media, there probably wouldn't be the "cancel culture" in its present form. However, my question is whether if y'all oans find it toxic in your own views or nah? And should cancel culture be canceled or that it's beneficial in some ways?
  17. Bla Jedza

    question How Do People Make Money On TikTok App?

    Do people really make money on TikTok app, if so how do they do it?
  18. Scorpio

    Can We Talk About Zimbabwe Celebrities Oversharing On Social Media

    I personally think a whole lot of Zimbabwe celebrities, felebrities and socialites have a serious issue that needs to be nipped in the bud. I am talmbout oversharing on social media!
  19. Shamiso

    question Are Zim hip-hop blogs still relevant?

    Are upcoming Zim independent artists still reaching out to influential Zim hip-hop blogs for reviews and promos or modern-day marketing is now all about social media e.g., Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and etc?
  20. Borrowdale Barron

    Should The Internet Have Remained A Military Tool?

    Do y'all oans sometimes think that the internet should have remained a military tool.