Watch and learn how to recreate Migos T-shirt synth bass using the virtual synthesizer (VST) u-he HIVE. The sound design process of making this bass sound is fairly simple and not that complicated to any of you just getting started in sound synthesis.

The main thing to focus on is making sure you turn on oscillator re-trigger or sometimes called oscillator phase reset. The reason being, we want the phase of the oscillator to start at the same position and as a result that gives us a punchy sound. If you turn off oscillator re-trigger your synth bass will not have a steady and consistent sound.

So go ahead and watch this sound design tutorial and get familiar on using u-he HIVE. It goes without saying that if you are well-accustomed to using Lennar Digital Sylenth1 then you should also find the workflow of u-he HIVE as intuitive.

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