In this sound design tutorial we be making a synth bass that is similar to Migos T-shirt synth bass sound. The VST synthesizer that we will also be using is u-he Diva, which is a fantastic virtual synthesizer capable of achieving analog synth sounds effortlessly.

This Migos T-shirt synth bass sound main characteristics are that it’s a fat plucky bass sound which can be made by using 2 oscillators were one oscillator is pitched -1 octave and the second oscillator pitched -2 octave.

In this instance we also chose to use u-he Diva’s Jupiter-8 template which is included in the template library of u-he Diva. As for effect we decided that it wouldn’t be necessary to use any but the chorus effect on this Migos T-Shirt synth bass sound can make certainly add more dimension to the overall sound.

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