Abaiwa Ngaabude

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"Abaiwa Ngaabude" is a Shona phrase which means: if you are really butthurt and in your feelings with what's going on right now perhaps it is you who should hit the road -- ain't nobody will miss you more than you think.

Also in life, there are some people who get themselves into a relationship/situationship knowing exactly what it is. Unfortunately, as time goes by, they try to shift the goalposts -- an initiative that won't be welcomed by the next person.

As a result, one of the persons involved will most likely refuse to discard the initial agreement and redefine a relationship/situationship into a new meaning since they aren't into it like that.

Example Usage:
  • Person 1 -- "Hatinga pedze nguva tichitenderera panzvimbo imwe abaiwa ngaabude"
  • Person 2 -- "Executive... vamwe vanhu vanongo finhura so, hameno kuti chii?"
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