Kuvengana Hakupe Chinhu, Nyama Inodyiwa Yaswera Pamoto

SN Proverb Kuvengana Hakupe Chinhu, Nyama Inodyiwa Yaswera Pamoto

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~ kuvengana hakupe chinhu, nyama inodyiwa yaswera pamoto ~

Dis proverb miin keeping a grudge with another person or a group of people does nothing to resolve a problem you have with them in the long run.

The only way to address a serious issue is to actually sit down as grown-up adults and get to the root of the matter so that both parties can squash any beef they have with the next person.

In reality, this is very hard to do because there are some people who will remain pig-headed even if there are V11s (evidence) which points out there are clearly in the wrong.

As a result, they will simply spin the story into their own everyday sociopath narrative and call it a day.
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