means: "no" and it's also used for negation purposes in sentences.

Other variants:
  • noh
  • nah
  • na

Example sentences​

Shi dida seh nuh uoba an uuba agen di laas taim mi ax har.

She was saying no over and over again the last time I asked her.

Nuh, yuh duon dwiit laik da.

No, you don't do it like that.

Di disijan ben met wid noh sumaal degree a kansternieshan mongx di buod membadem.

The decision was met with no small degree of consternation among the board members.

A noh waan da wan. Gi mi di ada wan, pliz.

I don't want that one. Give me the other one, please.

Mi nah av di hapachyuuniti fi fuli peruuz di dakiument iin kuestian.

I have not had the opportunity to fully peruse the document in question.

Dem tel mi seh dem noh vaib wid unu.

They told me that they don't vibe with y'all (you all).
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