How to Make Migos T-Shirt Synth Bass using Reveal Sound Spire

Once again this is a sound design tutorial on how to make a Migos T-shirt type synth bass sound using Reveal Sound Spire. Therefore, you are required to have Reveal Sound Spire VST plugin in order to follow through in this sound design tutorial.

By the way, this sound is not that difficult to make because it’s just a basic plucky synth bass preset which uses 2 oscillators and a mod envelope assigned to the filter cut off. The use of Reveal Sound Spire onboard effects is completely optional in this case, so the choice is yours if you want to.

Now as for the Amp envelope you have to set it such that the decay amount is turned half way up, and the rest of the parameters of the Amp envelope bring them down but with the exception of the release fader – set that slightly to roundabouts 10%. As a result that will give you a generic plucky bass sound of which that’s the sound we are going for here.

If the overall level (or volume/loudness) of the this synth bass is not loud enough you can try to use Reveal Sound Spire X-Comp and EQ to attain amplitude and frequency balance you are fine with.

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