Huku Yechibhoyi

SN Word Huku Yechibhoyi

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"Huku Yechibhoyi" in Shona means — organic chicken that is a least let out during the day by poultry farmers to wonder around unlike chicken confined to live in a cage for the most part.

Note: free-range chicken does NOT mean it's organic. This is perhaps a common confusion some people have yet it's a legal term to let the consumer know the end product wasn't living it up in a supermax condition.

Other differences between organic chicken (OC) and free-range chicken (FRC) include but not limited to:
  • OC must be 100% organically fed unlike FRC
  • OC must not be administered anti-biotics unlike FRC
  • OC must be audited by a third party unlike FRC
  • OC must be in a stress free-environment unlike FRC
  • OC must not be fed with anything containing animal by-products unlike FRC
  • ...etc, etc.
Therefore, the higher price of organic chicken compared to free-range chicken is mainly due to the cost of production for poultry farmers since they are required to meet strictly laid out conditions before the product is fully qualified to hit the retail market.
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