The phrase "kuchinja muriwo" in Zim slang means a man ought to explore all his available options as long as he remembers his way back home.

So the notion of having a sidechick or better yet multiple of them is deemed as a necessity which is arguably derived from a strong belief some Zim men have, which can be summarized as follows:

" is not natural for a man to have only one wife or girlfriend during his lifetime. Polygamy, whether it's unofficial, is a reasonable thing to do..."

Surprisingly enough there are some Zimbabwean women who subscribe to this belief that you will never ever find a Zimbabwean man who doesn't have a small house or who may sometimes just hit-and-run.

Having said that, we can already see a double standard being that the big house (or main chick) is expected to stay in her lane and refrain from kuchinja muriwo otherwise the relationship itself will cease to exist with immediate effect.

The irony, of course, is some women can cheat better than men without getting caught—go figure!

Example Usage: "Nyaya yekuti sadza nemuriwo everyday hazvibude. Murume wese asina kudyiswa anotofana kuchinja muriwo hapana asingade nice things, my guy!"
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