1. Numero Uno

    Seh Calaz's baby mama wants child support

    Zimdaansaal chanter Seh Calaz (Tawanda Mumanyi) the father figure of the Mabhanditi movement was served with papers wherein his baby mama Moira Sibongile Knight (i.e., the daughter of former ZBC radio disc jockey Eric Knight) is seeking child support (or maintenance). Hopefully, baby daddy Seh...
  2. Scorpio

    Can We Talk About Zimbabwe Celebrities Oversharing On Social Media

    I personally think a whole lot of Zimbabwe celebrities, felebrities and socialites have a serious issue that needs to be nipped in the bud. I am talmbout oversharing on social media!
  3. Borrowdale Barron

    Lorraine Guyo and Mai Titi beef

    Zim comedian Mai Titi ("Felistas Murata-Edwards") wasn't very much pleased with Lorraine Guyo's latest skit titled "Makuhwa Handite Futi Aaaaah." She proceeded to put Lorraine Guyo on blast saying Lolo isn't so much into the Zim comedy business but is only a njapisi that goes around servicing...
  4. Numero Uno

    Zim gossip news - 2020 edition

    It's a new year, new money, and currently making headlines in Zim gossip news is, of course, Ginimbi whose hustle doesn't stop. "My Guy," got himself a new Bentley soon after the 2019 Vic Falls Carnival After Party which had a special guest appearance by Faith Nketsi.
  5. Nolwazi Kwayedza

    slang Ferebrity and sverebrity

    A ferebritiy, in Zim slang, refers to a person who is primarily popular on social media (e.g. Facebook or Instagram) so much that if they go live they will garner a reasonable Zim social media audience. However, if such a person was to walk down any random street in Zimbabwe they are likely to...
  6. Bla Jedza

    Mambowona Here High Fashion With Hollywood Lee?

    Zim fashion blogger Hollywood Lee (i.e. Lee Mudyara uyu waAcie Lumumba) ane show yake itsva inonzi "High Fashion With Hollywood Lee" yave kubuda apo paYuchubhu yeGuguru.
  7. Numero Uno

    Hillary Makaya anoita nezvei?

    What is Hillary Makaya's source for a luxury and boojee lifestyle? Is there anyone who might be funding it and wishes to remain anonymous for the time being until further notice? I just want to know for research purposes.
  8. Bla Jedza

    Cookiies Nyarai Matare Blames Her Own Mother For Luciferian Satanic Black Magick!

    Zimbabwe felebrity Cookiies Nyarai Matare took to her FB to share her own personal gwans by saying her own mother bewitched her with Satanic black magic. Below are some excerpts from Cookiies Nyarai Matare's posts: MY OWN MUM DID BLACK MAGIC ON ME! SO THAT I DON’T EXPOSE HER DEEPEST LIFE...
  9. Bla Jedza

    question What's The Difference Zim Celebrities, Zim Socialites and Zim Felebrities?

    What marks and distinguishes normal Zim celebrities from Zim socialites and Zim felebrities in Zimbabwe's Showbiz industry?
  10. Bla Jedza

    makuhwa Mvenge Mvenge High Tea Event

    After running a successful Facebook group 'Mvenge Mvenge Ezomgido,' Melly Mamoyo (or otherwise known as Sis Melly) will be hosting the inaugural 'High Tea' event on the 7th of December from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. This High Tea will take place at Aurelia's Rest (i.e. Doreal Grande Hotel Emperor's...
  11. Bla Jedza

    makuhwa What Criteria Determines If Someone Has "Chimuti" In Zimbabwe?

    In what way of thinking or basically what criteria determines if someone is qualified to say he or she has 'chimuti' in Zimbabwe?
  12. Numero Uno

    makuhwa Peter Moyo's Girlfriend Caroline Rutendo Makamache Claps Back At Baracus Fred 'Warlord' Tavengwa

    Museve and Sungura music artist, Peter "Dewa" Moyo's current main girlfriend Caroline Rutendo Makamache who is based in U.S. has been professing her true love via social media in ways which can be rendered as online dating. Caroline Rutendo Makamache is not the first Zim diaspora lady to have...
  13. Bla Jedza

    makuhwa Ndiani queen of entertainment muZimbabwe?

    Kana tikatarisa ma Zim celebs ese ndiani anogona kunzi ane mukurumbira, and ndiani mambokadzi wevaraidzo muZimbabwe?
  14. Bla Jedza

    makuhwa Is there bad blood between Luminitsa Jemwa and Pokello Nare?

    Y'all think the rumors between Zim celebrities Luminitsa Jemwa (Premium Stonyeni) and Pokello Nare (Queen of Swagger) are true? P.S. I am talmbout the beef thingy.
  15. Bla Jedza

    question How Much Does Mvenge Mvenge Ezomgido Group Charge For Advertising?

    What are the average ad-rates Mvenge Mvenge Ezomgido Group normally ask from potential social media clients?
  16. Queen

    What are the weird things Zim celebrities do for clout on sosho media?

    We all know social media can be used for good initiatives, but what do y'all usually see as one of the most desperate things Zim celebrities do on social networks for the sake of engaging in clout-chasing antics?
  17. Bla Jedza

    makuhwa Luminitsa 'Global Citizen' anoita nezvei?

    Kune vanoziva, uyu anonzi Luminitsa (global citizen uyu premium stonyeni) anoitawo nezvei chaizvo-chaizvo? Ndongoona ari mhiri kwemakungwa zvinova izvo zvinoratidza kuti bag rinenge riripo. Hameno manje kuti ini saBla Jedza ndingagone kupinda here apa... mmm. :love:
  18. Numero Uno

    makuhwa Why Can't Many Zim Celebs And Zim Socialites Get Along?

    What's behind the issue of many Zim celebs or Zim socialites having this new shallow tendency of failing to get along together and openly showing supporting for one another so often.
  19. Numero Uno

    makuhwa Elikem Kumordzie and Edith Chibhamu broke up

    Former big brother housemate Elikem Kumordzie and his girlfriend Edith Chibhamu allegedly broke up after the couple had been dating for quite some time now. In the meantime, Elikem's ex-wife Pokello Nare is dating Ngoni a fellow currently based in Dubai. With that said, Elikem acknowledged the...
  20. Borrowdale Barron

    makuhwa What is Zim Celebs instagram page all about?

    What's the essence of the Zim Celebs Instagram page? Is it all about labrish with a concept derived from other Instagram blogs like The Shade Room, Baller Alert, Hollywood Unlocked, etc?