General "Chordjam" By Audiomodern Is Now Available For iOS, Mac, and Windows

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Myuuzik software company Audiomodern has launched Chordjam, an on-the-fly myuuzik composition assistant for Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows on popular professional audio plugin formats such as VST, VST3, AU, AAX, and as well as for di iPad.

Some a di inchresin features a Chordjam plugin include but not limited to di falarin:

Key Features​
Save and load your own patterns.​
Drag MIDI chord and pattern.​
Advanced MIDI CC/mapping editor.​
Delivering limitless inspiration and musical variety.​
Set range for transposition, time delay, and velocity.​
Unique voicing parameters.​
Trigger new chords with every note played.​
Generate random chords.​

Finally here dey system requirements y'all gwine need to effectively run Chordjam on y'all machine:

System Requirements​
Microsoft Windows 7 or higher.​
Apple Mac OS X 10.12 or higher.​
A minimum of 50 Megabytes on y'all storage drive.​
Internet connection for activation and only 3 computers per serial code.​



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