question Is creating a YouTube channel like Paguhwa or Kupaidea worth it?


Baba VeMakuhwa

How worthwhile is it to create a YouTube channel like Paguhwa or Kupaidea?

I'd like it if y'all take time to hexpagorate like I'm five in terms of pros and cons.

I am all ears.
You'll eventually run into copyright issues down the line because the content belongs to the person who owns it unless they are okay with it or if they transfer their exclusive rights to you (which is less likely to happen anyway).

For example, when Zim socialites post their content on social media technically it's their IP ("intellectual property") assuming it's all original work. And yasss, even those live videos that they do belong to them as long as there isn't interpolated 3rd party material e.g., music/soundtracks playing in the background, or any visuals that belong to other entities.

So getting back to your question, I have browsed through KUPAIDEA YOUTUBE and Paguhwa Dot Com, and literarily over 90% of their...


@Shamiso if there were issues then both KUPAIDEA YOUTUBE and Paguhwa Dot Com wouldn't have been running ads on their channels don't you think? Of course, there is no doubt that a majority of their vids fall into a grey area wherein they could find themselves in the doldrums one day.