1. A

    Why do many Zimdancehall artists only stick to that genre?

    Would it not be a good idea for a Zimdancehall artist to try other genres music in order for them broaden their audience? I am sure there are some who would be able to do that instead of making a whole bunch of repetitive records.
  2. K

    How do Zimdancehall riddims and albums differ?

    What is the difference between a Zimdancehall riddim and an album?
  3. I

    Is generative AI going to ruin the art industry?

    Will generative AI ruin the art business?
  4. I

    Social media tool for all platforms?

    Does anyone know of an app or platform where I can create a social media post and have it posted to all of my accounts at once?
  5. I

    How do you treat rude clients?

    How do you deal with rude customers?
  6. C

    This almost-entrepreneur needs your two cents

    Do y'all have any tips for someone thinking about diving into a small biz? I keep holding back, thinking I'm not ready or that nobody's got my back and I'll just get judged instead.
  7. T

    What are the pros and cons of an LLC vs sole proprietorship?

    LLCs vs sole proprietorships: what's best?
  8. M

    Which challenge is the biggest for your SME business?

    When it comes to running a small and medium-sized enterprise, what's the biggest challenge?
  9. S

    How can you convince stores to carry your small business products?

    Many stores hesitate to adopt fresh items. How can you persuade them to embrace your latest offering in their inventory as a small enterprise?
  10. C

    What is the likelihood of AI regulation benefiting the masses?

    How likely is it that the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) will bring significant benefits to the majority of common people i.e., the plebs as opposed to the elite who run or own a significant portion of multinational corporations (MNCs)?
  11. Reddit new API changes may force Apollo and third party clients to shutdown

    Reddit new API changes may force Apollo and third party clients to shutdown

    After Twitter shut down third-party apps earlier this year, it seems that Reddit is poised to eliminate or significantly diminish the usage of popular third-party clients with its updated API pricing changes to access the site via non-official mobile applications.
  12. G

    What advice would you give to someone who has no business experience?

    What's good fam! If one were to find themselves in a situation where they possess an absence of familiarity in matters pertaining to commercial ventures, yet are endowed with an ample abundance of spare moments to devote to acquiring said knowledge, what advice would you suggest to aid them in...
  13. C

    How do you effectively advertise a service-based business?

    If you are a service-based business, where do you advertise your services? Do you do all on socials or what? Can y'all provide insights on effective marketing strategies for a service-based business?
  14. Tafadzwa Twabam

    Sony PS5 console update version 23.01-07.20.00 improvements

    The Japanese gaming business entity Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), a long-time rival to Microsoft Xbox, has released a system update for the PlayStation 5, version 23.01-07.20.00, which should improve system performance and stability. This update also includes improvements to the messages...
  15. Tafadzwa Twabam

    Harare Mayor halts harassment

    HARARE, Zimbabwe — Mayor Jacob Mafume is putting his foot down and ordering the local law enforcement body i.e., Zimbabwe Republic Police to cease and desist their harassment of business owners. In a viral video, ZRP police officers were seen confronting a businesswoman, demanding to see her...
  16. F

    How does one become a runner in Zimbabwe?

    Excuse me, oans, and deijs, I say, howdy y'all, pardon my intrusion. I'm a bit curious, you see, and I am doing a little bit of research about the art of one being a runner in Zimbabwe, particularly those that wish to become a henchman in business deals for the top brass, the captains of the...
  17. Tafadzwa Twabam

    Capcom raises game prices in the Turkish Sony PlayStation Store

    Capcom Co., Ltd. a Japanese video game company has decided to raise the price of its upcoming games on the Turkish Sony PlayStation Store. Most of the changes are minor though. The standard edition of Resident Evil 4, which was priced at ₺699, will now be available at ₺849. Similarly, the...
  18. M

    Artificial intelligence prompt engineering for writing

    I know some people are using OpenAI ChatGPT for different use cases. But what are some prompt engineering techniques geared towards writing essays, social media posts, video descriptions and articles.
  19. B

    What does A&R look for in an artist?

    Is there something like a formula?
  20. Olinda Chapel-Nkomo flaunts her bag on sosho media

    Olinda Chapel-Nkomo flaunts her bag on sosho media

    But here's the thing, folks. All that glitters is not gold. And while Olinda Chapel may seem to have it all, I have to wonder what's going on behind the scenes. Who is she trying to impress? Herself? Her so-called friends? Or is she just desperately trying to fill some sort of void in her own life?