1: a coded or secret language that is used to conceal information or to avoid being explicit especially when you are, for instance, in public spaces where you can easily be heard by elders (vanyarikani).

For example, the following phrase "togona kungorasvi bhibhe kora" is an anagram, which means that if you have the patience to rearrange the second, third, and fourth words, you end up with this: togona kungosvira bhebhi rako ("we can run a train or ride your girlfriend").

Of course, it definitely goes without saying that chibhende is often used by career criminals when they are hexpagorating their plans with each other about the current situation at hand or what they are about to do.

This way they afford more chances to keep a low profile from the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and yours truly the Central Intelligence Organization of Zimbabwe. Well, let's say maybe, just maybe if everything goes according to plan I guess.

2: chibhende also means sarcasm i.e., when you say the opposite of what you mean, such as to insult, irritate, or make fun of a situation or another person. You gotta be careful though: some people aren't into sarcasm they will thump your skull for you.
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