General Zim Hip Hop And Zimdancehall 2020 (Discussion Thread)

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So generally how does propaganda work in the music industry? Is it the same way as it is applied in politics?
So generally how does propaganda work in the music industry? Is it the same way it is applied in politics?
I don't see how the need to approach the business of music from a political angle makes sense since they are different fields altogether.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying all propaganda techniques used in politics aren't useful in the music industry. Some may work, some may not work.
So generally how does propaganda work in the music industry? Is it the same way it is applied in politics?
To play the devil's advocate I will give you a glimpse view, an introduction to propaganda in music. So here goes nothing...

What Is Propaganda?
Propaganda is something every human being has heard before and thoughts of politics, globalism, and a brave new world quickly spring to mind.

This arguably makes the arts and culture industry less associated with re-education programs at least to the average simpleton who binge-watches every recommended 'trendy' content they come across.

In retrospect, the old mainstream mediums for a propagandist were:
  • Radio
  • Posters
  • Cinemas
  • Television
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
Today with the advancement of technology a propagandist now has at their disposal:
  • Social media (or social networks)
  • DSPs (digital streaming platforms)
  • Interactive entertainment (Gaming)
With that said, propaganda is far from a science but rather an art of propagating a particular message (or agenda) in ways that are both achievable and measurable.

There are various techniques of doing so in music and further steps that are utilized upon research carried out by studying a target group from both a psychological and a sociological standpoint.

Reasonably so in the near future upon us, embedded brain microchips will provide a propagandist remote access either voluntarily or otherwise.

It will be a full-fledged science harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and advanced self-propaganda algorithms to address resistant mental processes e.g. critical thought.

What Is The Role Of A Music Propagandist
Almost any nation you can think of has at least a dedicated agency for monitoring the flow of information and within those buildings, you will find people assigned different roles.

Amongst those men and women are propagandists whose task is to make sure the overall direction of the music industry doesn’t disrupt any ongoing planned agenda in that country thereof.

Thus influential artists are closely monitored as 'musicians of interests' as a means to surveil suggestive, subliminal or open messages, they propagate in their songs, music videos, etc... more on that later.

The Duality Of Music
I am sure everyone understands the concept of cause and effect. However, what many fail to comprehend is the continuum duality of music that follows the law of polarity.

In layman's terms we can describe one side of music as constructive; the opposite side as destructive. But still, they are pretty much two wings of the same bird.

It then shouldn’t take a genius to figure out destructive music (or the negative influence of music) is abundant in the mainstream industry on a large scale.

In fact, destructive music openly promotes common Causes (on the left) that lead to Effects (on the right) as listed below:
  • Lechery — unhealthy relationships & the breakdown of the family unit.
  • Drugs — substance abuse & a population increase of druggie clowns.
  • Rebellion — repugnant attitude, run-ins with the law & incarceration.
  • Ignorance — misandry/misogyny, unenlightenment & intolerance.
The other side of music being constructive stimulates an audience for good causes such as:
  • Self-improvement.
  • Attainment of knowledge (not education there is a difference)
  • Unification of masses for humanitarian action.
  • etc.

The Need To Control High and Low Vibrational Music
Music always has a purpose, that is to say, even retarded songs are useful for clandestine operations to promote non-intellectual content e.g. dumbing down a sub-culture from making revolutionary songs into making mindless mumbled hogwash.

If you want to make a population smarter through music you’d implement soft censorship against destructive elements as a means to spread more positive vibes.

Better yet impose regulation that makes it mandatory for record labels to self-censor themselves. But the problem is, neither do you want to deal with an uber-smart population.

And for that reason, the visions of constructive musicians should be put under control or thwarted if their influence grows beyond outlined boundaries.


So basically depending on what the agenda is a music propagandist needs to establish a controlled balance of both.

The final solution should result in some puppets serving as antagonists and other pawns as protagonists. In other words, let's put it this way:
  • Thesis — Controlled Constructive Music (or High Vibrational Music)
  • Antithesis — Controlled Destructive Music (or Low Vibrational Music)
  • Synthesis — Total Propaganda!⚡

How A Propagandist Invokes The Fourth Estate To Handle Artists...
An influential recording artist is a potential puppet and the value of each puppet is elevated based on its effectiveness and willingness to participate in the grand scheme of things.

However, there is never a need to come in contact and communicate with any puppet -- a puppet ought to be handled by means of a hidden hand. And if a puppet steps out of line, it's best they are shoved to the wolves of the fourth estate.


Perhaps an important misconception that should be clarified here is that of reputation vs. character since oftentimes the masses engage in dialogues about character assassinations and whatnot.

Well, in propaganda, there is no such thing as character assassination. What they call character assassination is quite frankly reputation assassination if you will.

Character is what an artist truly is whereas reputation is what the fourth estate decides by its own discretion to propagate whether in a positive or negative light.

For example, even a deceased musician's reputation can be manipulated and completely re-written.

Of course, an artist always has full control of their character but not their reputation and still on that, reputation is more important than character because it is the cornerstone from which the value of any legacy is based upon.

So reputation is the currency of success neither talent nor skill and the fourth estate has a monopoly to print this fiat currency from thin air and dictate the monetary policy thereof.

Mediums Of Propaganda
I have already enunciated the fact that there are different mediums of propaganda and it is essential to expagorate and adamburate the need to utilize the appropriate medium to target a specific group.

The reality is that propaganda on social media has a different impact than propaganda on DSPs, and propaganda in music has a different effect than propaganda in newspapers, and on and on.

1st example:
  • a druggie is more likely to pay attention to propaganda in music than they are to pay attention to a speech from a politician because they relate more to an artist than they do to a politician.
2nd example:
  • Propaganda in newspapers is not effective for selfie addicts because even if they read it they have a short attention span to absorb it.
3rd example:
  • interactive entertainment (gaming) is more effective as a propaganda medium than film & television to a demographic that spend hours on end watching live gaming content.
On a side note, many gamers are deluded to assume playing games it’s only entertainment while the medium itself is a virtual simulation of reality through predictive programming for that which is to come.

We can further expagorate this idea by saying imagined superficial storylines have no impact from a propaganda perspective -- a good storyline should always result in reality.

The Impact Of Music Videos
It goes without saying videos took the effect of music propaganda to a whole new level compared to the old days where everything was just audio.

Back then it was mainly an operation of propagating a message to the mind through the aid of an appropriate vibrational frequency from a hypnotic beat, voice & lyrical message.

In modern times now you get to also visually propagate a message accompanied by music directly to the spirit more efficiently.

Remember eyes are a gateway to the soul. And when an individual is bombarded with the language of symbolism from music videos the mind is filled to the brim with those images.

And it doesn't matter if an individual has no clue what every symbol means, just make it brighter so that they can see it, the mind will pass it on to the spirit.


Thus a modern music propagandist has plenty of options to work with including dozens upon dozens of social media influencers to propagate the works of a puppet.

Hence a promising puppet is often paired with songwriters & record producers that are capable of writing material for a specific pre-planned purpose.

But a puppet should never be told the true purpose of a record single thereof. Through deception, a propagandized record single can easily be recorded without resistance.

By the way, all that backmasking by charlatans is chid's play. Effective propaganda should never be hidden except in plain sight.
So generally how does propaganda work in the music industry? Is it the same way as it is applied in politics?
Study history -- there is nothing new under the sun.

Back in ancient Rome, they had bloody entertainment, gladiatorial games.

Today the masses are pretty much in the same state as they are desensitized to creative works celebrating violence.

For example, the majority of mainstream Rap/Hip Hop music is the modern gladiator arena -- a colosseum of clout chasers. ⚔️⚔️⚔️

It allows a propagandist to execute his plans and watch everything unfold while the sheep spend hours on end arguing about who has the best verse.